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Help needed ID'ing a British-Serbian medal

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Hello gents,

An friend of mine obtained the attached medal a couple of years ago. Although he has tried a lot of fora and societies to get information on it, we are still bazzled about what medal it is.

The obverse shows the left turned busts of (I assume) King Peter I Karageorgevich and Prince Alexander Karageorgevich in a wreath of laurel which is bound at the bottom with a ribbon bearing the dates 1914 and 1918. At the top center of the wreath is a Royal Crown. In the lower part of the medal is the text "SERVICE . TO . SERBIA . DURING . WAR".

The reverse shows an image of the Cross of Merit of the Serbian Red Cross with the text "SERBIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY . LONDON ."


We got a couple of questions about this medal:

Why was it awarded?

What ribbon belonged to it?

Was the engraving on each edge the same, or does my friend actually have the medal of the Crown Prince of Serbia?

And any futher information anyone could deliver!


With kind regards,

Erik M?ller

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Not sure how much help this is, but I have found this:

Evelina Haverfield

.....With no new assignment on the eastern front, and unable to return to Serbia because of the enemy occupation there, Evelina turned to organizing support for the Serbian soldiers and civilians.

With Flora Sandes, another English veteran of service in Serbia, she organized The Sandes-Haverfield Canteens. In a few months, in 1918, they served tea and lemonade, and distributed cigarettes, to more than 150,000 Serbian soldiers. In addition, they delivered more than 30,000 pieces of clothing to the Serbian regiments serving in Macedonia.

Evelina also organized a Serbian Red Cross Society in Great Britain, and served on the executive committee which governed it. And frequently she made public speeches in different parts of England, on behalf of Serbian relief.......

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Thanks Graham! I never got a notification of your reply, hence my own late reply!

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No problem. Hope the link was of some help.

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