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Hi Laurence,

I somehow have missed looking thru this entire thread until today. You have really added some great tabs to your collection! I, like Paul aka "Peter", am envious of your Reserve tabs and musician tabs (quite rare :beer: )

Paul, I saw your comment on "getting all of the tabs"...don't foget to leave some for me!


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I think that between the three of us... we are doing well at wiping them out!!!

BTW, I was reviewing old threads and came across your Supplimental Hauptman's as well as your reserve medical officer... Wow!!!

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  • 5 months later...

Well got some new items in :jumping:

First a big Thanks to jack Angolia for your patience, and to Paul I owe a big debt of gratitude :beer: thats twice my friend :beer:

Some rank progression

Luft Beamten

Red secondary nebenfarbe:

General Administrative Service (Allgemeiner Verwaltungsdienst);

Construction Administrative Service (bauverwaltungdienst or Bautechnischer Verwaltungsdienst);

Agricultural Service (Landwirtschaftdienst);

Surveying Service (Vermessungsdienst)--renamed Surveying-technical Administration Service;

technical Machine Service (Maschinetechnischer Dienst)

technical Electric Service (Elektrotechnischer Dienst)

The rank of Oberfeldwebelwith a medium career, 2 November 1940 pattern shoulder board

Assistant of all branches, Techn. Assistent;



Amtmeister, Werkmeister, Prufmeister, Maschinenmeister 1, Oberlotsenmeister:

Beamte on Probation for the medium career.

Edited by Laurence Strong
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What was require to qualify for the different career levels:

Lower career (unterer Dienst or einfacher Dienst): A grade school education without any further qualification was required:

Medium career (einfacher mittler Dienst or mittler Dienst): A high school diploma and an apprentiship of a trade was required;

Elevated career (gehobner mittler Dienst or gehobner Dienst): An educational level between high school and college, with an additional 2 - 3 years of practical training was required;

High career (hoherer Dienst): a university degree was required.

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They could hold a number of different positions depending on the level of the career. An officer would only start in the medium career level.

Officials of the Medium or elevated careers who were on temporary service until their final appointment as lifetime officials were identified by the prefix "a.p." or "ap", meaning "extraordinary" (ausserplanmassig)

Medium career:

Sekretar of all branches:

Techn. Sekretar, Wetterdienstsekretar,Justizsekretar, Ministerialkanzleivorstecher,Oberwerkmeister:


Maschinenmeister 1;

Betriebsleiter: 1;


Edited by Laurence Strong
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Elevated career:

Oberinspector of all branches including;

Rektor and Konrektor am grossen Militarwaisenhaus in Potsdam.

High career:

Stabsapotheker 4;


Assessor on probation (im Probdienst)

Edited by Laurence Strong
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Order (L V 40. Nr.569) dated 10 May 1940 instituted :

Orange nebefarben:

Special School Service (Fachschuldienst);

Librarian Service (Bibliothekdienst);

Veterinary Service (Veterinardienst);

Medical service (Medizinaldienst);

Pharmacists (Apotheker);

Chemists (Chemiker)

Officials of the Luft War Science Section (kreigswissenschaftlicher Dienst der Luftwaffe);

Psychologists (Psychologen)--later renamed Psychological Examination Service (Psychologen)

Edited by Laurence Strong
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Here are a pair listed as Corps of Engineer, however if you read Vol 2 pg 114, it states that their SB's have a Pink waffenfarbe underlay not a green waffenfarbe and a Pink nebenfarbe?

I believe these would be for the following:

Photo Service (Bilddienst--Bi);

Motor Transport Service (Kraftfahrdienst--K);

Ordonance Service (Waffendienst--W);

Weapons and Ammunition Service (Waffen- und Munitionsdienst-- W.u.M.);

Technical Aircraft Service (flugzugtechnisher Dienst--Fl) also termed Flugzugdienst;

Cartographic Service (kartographischer Dienst);

Lithographic Service (lithograpischer Dienst.

Edited by Laurence Strong
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