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Camine nebeenfarben administrative boards for an officer of the "Supreme Reich Courts Martial" reichkreigsgericht).


Medium career;

Reichkreigsgerichtobersekretar 1

Elevated career;

Reichkreigsgerichtinspektor 2;

Kazleivorstcher beim Reichkreigsgericht 2

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Air Base Fire Departments

the Air Base Fire Department (Fliegerhorstfeuerwehr) performed the fire protection and fire control duties at air bases and airfields, and at technical installations of the Luftwaffe such as depots, firing ranges, POL depots, ammunition depots and plants etc.

At the air bases etc, the Fire Departments were organized into "Extinguisher Groups" (Loschgruppe) made up of 14 - 18 men

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Specialist Leaders (Sonderfuhrer)

The special group of Sonderfurer was established by "Mobilmachungsplan fur die Luftwaffe" (Luftwaffe mobilization Order) of 31 Oct 1938 in the event of mobilization to fill then need of the soldiers with officer or NCO rank in T.O. & E's where special skills were needed and where officers?NCO's were not available to fill the positions. "For a limited transitional period of time" officer and NCO positions of construction units, medical services, signal construction units, and radio stations of the meteorological service were to be filled by personnel "with only limited or no military training and who seemed capable for the respective positions for their civilian knowledge (i.e.medical doctors, engineers etc).

The duty positions of Sonderfurer was graded in post groups (Stellengruppen), which also indicated the position of the leaders

Officer rank Equivalent

Post group R (regiment) Obrest

Post group B (battalion) Major

Post group K (company) Hauptmann

Post group Z (platoon) Leutnant

NCO rank

Post group O (company Sgt) Oberfeldwebel

Post group G (squad) Unteroffizier

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An order (L V 42, No.2497) dated 24 Sep 1942 prohibited all further appointment of wartime officials. Wartime officials with the prescribed requirements were appointed reserve officials. Wartime officials without, had to undergo additional military training in order to be appointed reserve officials. All other wartime officials were renounced and returned to their former soldiers status as NCO's or privates.

Shoulder boards were replaced with shoulder cords as prescribed for Sonderfuhrers and were without any underlay so that the branch was not identified. Apparently irregular shoulder cords were frequently worn, and prohibited by several orders but without much success.

An order (BLB 40. No.1223) dated 8 Oct 1940 expressly stated that shoulder cord width as 1.8cm and Leutnant rank width as 1.4 cm. Shoulder cords with backing or wider than prescribed were also prohibited on 3 Mar 1942 in Order L V 42 no.639

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