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More Luftwaffe Collar Tabs

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Thank you. I probably shouldn't have posted the Kriegmarine cap on this Luftwaffe thread... oops!!! Sorry, moderator!!! But I didn't want to post the same pictures I already have on a specific thread with my collectibles. Willi and I did an email conference to discuss what we'd like to exhibit this year (now 2010) at the four shows we did last year. So far it looks like Chantilly will be all Luftwaffe (Willi's contribution will be his Display Shield), Richmond will be Luftwaffe and Brentsville will be WW2 German and U.S. Navy. Willi will be busy this year with the Wilson History & Research Center of Little Rock, AR. They sent a couple up from Florida and Robby Wilson came up from Arkansas to see his collection. They'll be sending up their curator and a photographer early this year to shoot his collection. The WHRC is primarily interested in all military headgear of the 20th century, but are also starting a "Collectors" section a collector and his collection. So when that comes online you're going to want to visit that. Actually you can visit now: http://www.militaryheadgear.com/. Willi has also been contacted by an author to help on a book by Schiffer about Army, Waffen-SS and Hermann Goring panzer and assault gun uniforms. Let me know if anybody out there has HG panzer/StuG stuff. It's got to be 100% authentic and original, no restorations. I'll be glad to pass the info to Willi. So he's going to be somewhat busy. I'm going to miss him at the Richmond show. He'll come by at the Chantilly and Brentsville shows, and will probably put up his own exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles (VMMV) towards the end of October. Seems so far ahead but as these years pass faster and faster, it won't be that long.

Cheers Mates and Happy New Year and Happy Collecting. Hope to see you out at one of my/our exhibits this year.


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Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend any shows this year. I would love to see some pics here sometime, if possible.

Here is a thread where people posted their HG stuff. There are a few panzer related things. All I have are a couple sets of HG Panzer tabs(One set is the 01Jan-01Mar43 white tabs with pink outer piping and the other is a set of white tabs with an outter blue piping and the panzer skulls). I do have the HG M43 tunic, which I am very proud of!


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