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Distinci?n "Por el Servicio en el Ministerio del Interior" (20 yrs)

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Here is another one (no titled opaque case, alas) that shares the same... strange pentagon ribbon shape with ribbons folded end over end over end so no backing is visible, and what SEEMS to be the earliest DDR C-catch style. This is also a coarse RIBBON ribbon and not the lawn furniture strapping material "ribbon."

Since this is NOT the DDR pattern ribbon pentagon, were these made... :unsure: someplace else? :speechless1:

Remains unclear exactly WHO got this. In any other country, "Interior" would consist of "normal" civil POLICE and SECURITY services, but the Roman numerals here seem to mimic those found ONLY on the long service awards of the Soviet KGB.

Has anyone seen a Ministry of the Interior 20 on a "normal" ribbon, and (potentially) in Staybrite finish?

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Note the difference in shape compared to a nickle finish Ministry of the Interior 15 on normal DDR shape suspension:

Soldered on ring on the 20 and standard hand-finished bored out all of a piece with the medal 15 ring.

:cheers: to my various and sundry parallel universe shifting sinister contacts, I have seen NO other suspensions on ANY other Cuban awards like the shape and style found on these two (? so far) MoI 20s.


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