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Hi Guys,

I have just purchased this 30.5mm Golden Party Badge and I have been searching the internet trying to put a name to the number but with no luck.

I have contacted Robert McDivitt but he has not got back to me yet, so I thought I would post it here and hopefully someone can help me out.

The number is 53622



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Apparently there was/is a NSDAP golden badge list kept by the NSDAP HQ-similar to Rick R's medal rolls. There is a partial alpha list in the US national archives-without numbers, but it's a start.

A JOMSA article in the early 1970s had a xerox of 374 along with all the data next to it.

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There is no complete list of the 22,000+ Gold Party badge holders. One was maintained by the NSDAP Treasurer's office (Franz X. Schwarz), but it was apparently destroyed in 1945. All lists today have been assembled from partial lists, like the SS Dienstalterslisten, Gau lists and other sources. Individual numbers can be found in the manual NSDAP membership card index of about 9 million names in the Berlin Document Center.

Sorry, your number isn't in my partial list.

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In a JOMSA article in the 1970s there was a reference to a NSDAP Golden badge list. Within the article itself was a printing of the badges' original owners' information. A couple of years later a commentator mentioned that the list was held in germany, but had been made unavailable. However, the author also stated that a complete list was held BY NAME ONLY in the US archives, but numbers were not on the list. Alas, there were no references cited.

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thank you Erich S.  I have not actually purchased the pin yet but I had my suspicion it was a copy due to how many repros there are out there.  Could you please tell me what are the reasons or ways to tell this one is fake so I can tell the seller? I noticed the E wasn't uniform thickness as the other letters on the front and the numbers on the back didn't line up. 


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thanks again everyone for all the info!  now I'm wondering if you guys could help me identifying a stickpin from my personal collection.  this one I believe is %100 authentic though probably not worth a whole lot.  The reason I think this one is something is because it's numbered like the gold party pins. Wondering how much its worth?  couldn't find any examples online of it.


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Hi guys,

Would you please so kind to advice on the badge number 9817? Pictures attached.

Found by a fellow in Byelorussia along with Blood Medal and other nazi badge.

Thanks in advance.



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