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A new one , thrre miniatures with Swedish Order of Vasa in front of Preuss Crown Order IV and Waldeck Merit Order IV 

This unusual combination got me to start looking in my archives ....

I suppose no one have awards list for Waldeck Pyrmont ??      What I could find was that there wasn´t many Waldeck MO  awarded to Swedish I found seven so far 

and almost all is of higher classes. So I think I got him, but I want to check som more before I´m sure ;)

But here the medals (seller pics )








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Some new Miniatures , Some Finnish ones :blush: but I show them here anyway 

First out is a group to a Finnish soldier or Finnish Lotta ?  R VRO , Liberty medal 1st with Red Cross 1918 , Pr RM III , EhrenKreuz 

Second Probably a soldier from Jäger Rgt 27 ,  FFrK IV 1918 non fighter , R VRO, EK II . Medal 1918 , Ehrenkreuz 

Third one , a Swedish , probably in the Winterwar 1939-40 , Swedish Order of North Star (Real gold) , F VRO 1 (Real Gold) , FFrK IV with red cross 1939 , Medal for Humanity 1947.

Fourth , is two FFrK III and IV class with Red Cross , really scarce to find 

And Last a Hohenzollern . Adler der Inhaber 

Hope you like them (even if some are not Geman ...)











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After their expulsion from Malta by Napoleon, the Military Order of Malta came under the protection of Czar Paul I in 1798 and elected him Grand Master. After Paul's assassination in 1801, his son, Czar Alexander I, appears to have rescinded the protection his father granted. Thereafter, things get murky and, despite Alexander's attitude, some of the so-called false St John's orders claim their legitimacy from Czar Paul's original act of benevolence. I have tried to summarise a very complicated situation in too few sentences, so more can be learnt here (scroll down to the heading 'After 1789'),


I suspect, therefore, this lapel-badge might be associated with one of the 'Russian' Orders of St John - and interesting it is too, as a result.

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OK, I did say things could be murky in the world of the St John's orders! Upon further investigation, it appears that the 'official' Military Order of St John uses different crowns according to grade within the order. To illustrate this, see this Pinterest page, which appears to show official awards of the order, wherein a variaty of crowns can be seen, including a version very similar to that on Kasle's button-hole badge.


It therefore seems that a Russian connection was a red herring and that Kasle's badge is official. My apologies, Kasle, for the doubt I may have cast on it.

I would be most obliged if anyone could point me to an authoritative source which could explain these variations.

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Thank you for entries. I know it´s not German Johanniter order. But I am sure it´s original - as it is on Godet marked button. When I obtained this miniature (year ago), I browsed through the web to find a full size match. The closest match I´ve found was - Souveräner Ritter- und Hospitalorden vom Heilige Johannes von Jerusalem, von Rhodos und von Malta, (Cross of Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta).


Btw, Godets surely were involved in making Russian awards, for example they made all that White Army stuff during and after Russian Civil war. They as Swiss imigrants had no problem to make orders for Russian imigrants... But I believe it is not the case of this rosette.



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A recent acquisition, a nice 12 piece chain from Godet in Berlin. Although not gold, the miniatures is of excellent quality. The interesting piece is the Hessian Order of the Star of Brabant which I don't recall having seen as miniature before. The miniature is double sided (with the crowned H) whereas the full size decoration is a steckkreuz, and thus singlesided.

I'll be happy to see other examples of the miniature Brabant if anyone else have some to show! Or if anybody could do a quich ID of the recipient ....




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