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I must admit, I also saw Godet button that was surely used only until 1925-26 with KVK2 1939 hanging on chain. While in this case the explanation can be easier, as all other awards were pre 1926 (owner just added new award to his older chain), here (in Rudi´s example) this argument wouldn´t work, as nearly all awards are ww1 time.

I think the explanation lies in jeweler´s drawers with components. I believe the drawer with buttons was never empty (as the one with chains, needles and eyelets). When new buttons with new type of inscription came, these buttons were probably thrown to the particular drawer with the rest of old buttons left. That is why it´s difficult to predict, how long these old buttons could still appear. This historical problem can be simply avoided by common method - at least three specimen of similar kind must appear to take it seriously as a rule, not as a coincidence.

But one thing is sure already in this moment. Theory, that I. GODET button was used only until 1895, is probably wrong, as this button was already seen on chain with Centenary medal 1897, Baden Jubilee Medal 1902 or Southwest Africa Medal 1907.

(picture is from ebay, not in my collection)



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A bit more Godet for Kasle

Kronen Orden Mini 22mm

Kettchen des  Rolfs Wilh.Dr.Phil.Hofrat Gouvern.S.K.H.

Kettchen des emil ritter von traut

Nachlass Bartels Vater des Ritterkreuz Trägers Bartels

Kettchen Gillhausen

Rolfs Wilh.Dr.Phil.Hofrat Gouvern.S.K.H..jpg

godet kronenorden 22mm 002.JPG

godet kronenorden 22mm 003.JPG

godet kronenorden 22mm 004.JPG

Rolfs Wilh.Dr.Phil.Hofrat Gouvern.S.K.H.rs.jpg

emil ritter von traut godet.jpg

godet bartels.jpg kom.jpg

godet bartels.jpg

godet kronenorden große mini.knopf.jpg

godet gillhausen.jpg

godet gillhausen.png

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Thank you, Rudi.
Some very nice pieces. I always liked chains with Japanese Order of the Rising Sun...

But the most important (for Godet researcher) is the last chain. This design of button is very common - but only in 17 mm size. I believe your last one is very unique 20 mm size. I found this type only a few months ago and I consider it very rare. It can be clearly identified but bigger spaces between letters in J. GODET BERLIN inscription as it is on 17 mm size (for comparison, 17 mm size of same button type is on chain with Rising Sun medal).

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Interesting. I clearly see the difference between version on the left and common type on the right. Not only the space between the letters, but also the space between the inner circle and the bottom of letters... Also a different space around central ornament... Small acorns on the top of ornament nearly touch the inner circle on the right side version. While on left side version there is a big portion of space.

Yours, botttom center, looks to me like left side style. If it´s really 17 mm, then it becomes even more interesting for me.



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Wow there are some amazing minis here, I'm a bit embarrassed to show my one and only, but here goes;


This is part of a grouping to a Nurse in the Bavarian medical service, I also have the full size bar and ribbons.



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On 26. 2. 2016 at 06:40, Wild Card said:

Here is a little fellow that showed up in Louisville. It's all about the bars - not often seen on minis, I think.


SWA w:bars.jpg

You are right. Bars on minis are not often to find, but sometimes they do appear ;)


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