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May I present a little lady who has recently emerged from the shadows. She is a miniature of the Prussian Frauen-Verdienstkreuz which was founded on 22 October 1907. She must be quite rare because (1)

I don't collect minis, but here are my nicest examples, a pretty rare VKmdK, and a Kette which belonged to Rittmeister Roger von Boch of Villaroy&Boch fame.

It's nice to see this tread go on. One of my later acquisitions, nothing special, but I really enjoy the ornamented button by Meybauer. Definately the first one for me. I hope you enjoy.

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Hello Gents,

It seems i have a long way to go on the slippery slope!

Man! there are some beauties here!

Thanks for showing your gems gents! and i mean each and everyone of them... :)

Heres my meagre contribution....

The Brunswick set came with the medalbar and two bows.



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Hi Mike, nice mini-bar! very nice indeed. These miniature medal bars are not easy to find.

Hi, Stogie

Thanks! I've only got a few things but what really made me want this mini-bar was that I own each of the full-sized medals too! Unfortunately, they're not on a single bar together like the mini-bar. I have a two-place bar with the EK2 and Honor Cross w/swords and I own a MVK w/crown & swords. :beer:

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Stogieman's above observation is worth special note in that it indirectly points up one of the important, but seldom recognized, aspects of collecting minis. They give us an opportunity to have a connection to the rare and obscure. I hope to do a thread regarding this sometime in the future. Meanwhile, I would like to present an example of another aspect - incredible workmanship.


Wild Card

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Whoops! Take a HARD look at Mike Huxley's post #65 & #66!!!

That's the ?ltere Linie, Reuss silver medal f?r Treue und Verdienst 1867-1918! That's a first!

WoW ...thanks Rick, I've been trying to track this one down since I bought it. I didn't look that close when I first saw it for sale, just knew it was a Reuss award.

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Hi CRBeery,

You are so right. I have seen a lot of minis over the years; but your mounted WB is a first for me. These mounted mini groups are so rare and beautiful.

The WB?s do show up on the chains from time to time (see attached); but when it comes to mini WB?s, in my opinion, you have the pick of the litter.


Wild Card

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Bob - Saxon is 4-3/4" X 1-1/4". Prussian is 2-1/4" X 1-1/4". They seem to have been made on ribbon bar bars. I love the little St. Henry on the Saxon piece.

Wild Card - nice little chain. The observer is a real nice touch. I think this is the same type WB as yours just in a different mounting style. Mine is just a stamped piece of metal and not solid backed.



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