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Serbia - Royal Household Medal 1st Class

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Dear Forumites,

i own this serbian royal household medal 1st class with crown (silver/gilt).

I have some quesions about this decoration:

-who got this medal and whatfore?

-what rank or function was neccessary to get this award?

-how rare are they?


josef (haynau)

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I think this is the 2. model awarded between 1889 and 1903. Ribbon is appropriate.

The Medal was originally instituted by the Reigning Prince Milan Obrenovich IV (later King Milan I). It's character was non-statal, as the Medal was in sole ingerence of the Monarch, and was administrated by the Office of the Marshal of the Court. The Medal consisted of four Classes (Gold Medal with Crown, Gold medal, Silver Medal with Crown and Silver Medal), and was worn suspended from the white ribbon with side stripes and the field between those side stripes filled with a ladder-style horizontal lines of blue (during the reign of the Obrenovich Dynasty) resp. red (during the Karageorgevich Dynasty reign) color. The Medal was conferred upon Royal Household staff for long and faithful service.

The first model, used by King Petar I, had Royal House Coat-of-Arms in obverse.

The Medal for the Royal Household staff during the reign of King Aleksandar I was changed in design at least twice. One model was used in period when Realm was officially named Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, another one when the Realm was renamed Kingdom of Yugoslavia (after 1929).

Following the Assassination of the King in Marseilles, in 1934, the design of the Medal was again changed, and the Royal Effigy substituted with the Royal House Coat-of-Arms. Later, at least two new models were issued, both with the effigy of the boy-King Petar II.

Text from royalfamily.org, link: http://www.royalfami...ry/medals16.htm

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Josef you're welcome.

I think that this model is rare. I saw only one on internet auctions, and it was 3rd class sold for 270 euros!

Some of later models are not so rare and are much cheaper.

Like serbman and Sasa said it would be nice if you colud show us the whole bar.

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Btw below the coat of arms is cyrilic inscription "Време и мое право" meaning: Time and my right (will not die).

That was the motto of Obrenovic dynasty which came to life after 1842 when they were forced to leave throne and country.

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Thanks for your replies.

Here are pics of the complete frock-bar. Unfortunately the 1st medal is missing, but i was told by the seller some years ago that the missing decoration was an austrian golden merit cross with crown (in real GOLD)on red ribbon.

sorryfor the delay, but I'am a little bit in a hurry today. that is also the raeson why i don't write a decription of the bars medal. the householdmedal is sewn to the bar. i was looking for hallmarks on the ring (VM or austria silver hallmark) but sofar i couldn't find one.

thanks for your interest


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