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Antonio Prieto


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From my notes - see below.



Obverse                       A circular medal with an embellished border, within which to the right a vertical rocket and rifle (AK-47).  To the left the inscription in two lines.

“Combat Proficiency”

At the top a red painted star and at the base a red paint scroll with the abbreviation.


Reverse                       Plain grainy reverse.

Size                             36mm diameter bronze-gilt of both Hungarian and Soviet manufacture. The differences between the two versions are minimal with the Soviet medal being slightly darker and an aluminium back plate to the ribbon with the Hungarian back plate being of brass or brass coloured metal.

Ribbon                        23mm – red – the Hungarian ribbon is somewhat lighter in shade.

Suspension                  By a loop affixed to the top of the medal.


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I really like the ribbon bar at the top and never would have suspected that Yemen issues such striking medals but then I remembered Yemen lies in a volatile neighborhood (note: I am not trying to make anyone mad but simply stating what type of news filters through to South Africa) so there's probably no shortage of opportunity to issue medals.

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Thank you very much for the quick and thorough reply. Very much appreciated. I'm finding my self looking around for new fields to explore with the whole Mongolian field being basically dormant. 



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