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In Serbia you either write, for example, "1." or "I", it's not correct to put the dot after Roman numeral. But the rules change over time, we can see those dots even on some royal era decorations' boxes, like BalkanCollector wrote, perhaps that was correct back then.

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seb16trs:  I will be interested in your findings.  I have a Partisan Star #2376 that was awarded to a Soviet Lieutenant on 30 April 1945 under the same order number as the one you illustrate.  The recipient of the Star was killed in action near Vukovar on 8 December 1944. 

As you may be aware, a relatively large number of certificates for US decorations awarded to Soviets came on the market some time after the break up of that country.  I wonder if the Soviets withheld the issuance of foreign medals to Soviet personnel after the war and that these were held in storage and 'liberated' when the Soviet Union dissolved (certainly during the war foreign medals were awarded to Soviets as there are numerous photos of Soviet personnel wearing them - i.e. the US Distinguished Service Medal to Pokryshkin)?

It is also possible that some (many) of the Partisan Stars awarded to Soviets in 1945 were posthumous and that they were never sent to the next-of-kin, but rather held in government vaults and either stolen or released by the government during, or after, the breakup.  

If, as your small database suggest, there is a large number of these Partisan Stars, with certificates, being released in a short period of time, it would seem to imply that they were held by the government rather than being released to the recipients or their next-of-kin and somehow came on to the market.

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On 30/10/2017 at 07:31, paja said:

small silver hallmarks looked like this:
Rooster in square - .950
Rooster in pentagon - .900
Rooster in hexagon - .800
They were introduced in 1933 and Serbia still uses very similar pattern today.

I read on another forum about the rooster in the pentagon and the poster alluded to a Roman Numeral next to the rooster indicative to the content.

Here's the image:  We can see a Roman Numeral 'II', basically to the left of the rooster's butt, and what might be a Latin Numeral '2' up top.  And here's the poster's comments: " the Rooster (depending on which roman number, it will denote the grade of silver, in this case II with Pentagon shape is .800 silver , depending on the time period the shape of the pentagon can be a square, and roman numbers can denote different meaning."

makers marks.jpg

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Here's an illustration from the Official Gazette (Службени лист), apologies if I already posted it in this topic.
-Silver fineness I (.950) "rooster" in square.
-Silver fineness II (.900) "rooster" in pentagon.
-Silver fineness III (.800) "rooster" in hexagon.

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Welcome back Radmilo, we/I missed your presence here.

Thanks for the image, very helpful.  But I have more questions.  I have an image of a Pentagon Rooster with what looks like a "II" and a "2".  See image 1.

And the older marks you shared show a mark with a "I", "II" and "III".  See image 2.  Is there some 'overlap' with that content stampings?  I apologize for being pedantic (and drunk tonight), just curious what you think. :cheers:



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Thank you Eric, it good to back.

Both types of hallmarks were used to mark the same thing but the "woman's head" was the large hallmark while the "rooster" was the small hallmark.

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I finally got to upgrade my collection with a nice, Soviet made Partisan Star 2c.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just wanted to share.

edit: the 2 white lines on the obverse are just reflections.




Edited by Eric Gaumann
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Nice one Eric! I think it's an unawarded piece. 

I've also acquired a 2nd class recently and I'm having doubts whether it was awarded or not. I've already asked dozen of collectors and mostly it's been a positive response although there are some who think it wasn't awarded. Personally I think it was although I cannot be 100% sure. Any more feedback on my piece is appreciated! 

You can see mine has patina and kinda looks like it was worn. The last two photos are seller's photos and it looks like he cleaned it so it actually has less patina than before.

I also should mention that I've looked at the enamel with a magnifier and I've noticed a few lines which could lead to think that it was worn but on the other hand it doesn't necessarily mean that.






Seller's photos:




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1 hour ago, BalkanCollector said:

Nice one Eric! I think it's an unawarded piece. 

I've also acquired a 2nd class recently and I'm having doubts whether it was awarded or not.

Thanks mate!  I was speculating in my mind about awarded vs. unawarded and then I noticed a bump on the reverse 12 o'clock starpoint.  I thought maybe this didn't pass quality control?  As I type this I realize that's just wild speculation.


I like your Star as well, nice low number.  It's a rather simple design but it's very effective in it's typical Soviet style.

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12 hours ago, Eric Gaumann said:

My Partisan theme display, just finished today.  I added the cap star just to round out the collection.  And it somewhat resembles the Partisan Stars, especially in size.

Nice display!

I have few of those cap and visor hat stars. They seem to be very good quality and the enamel looks even better than IKOM's Partisan Stars' one in my opinion.

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