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Canadian Police Exemplary Service Medal

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I can give you this much. I have a nephew-in-law who was/is with the CPS and I will ask him. As it's awarded by the GG I would think there has to be a list somewhere;

Police Exemplary Service Medal

The Police Exemplary Service Medal, created on August 12, 1983, recognizes police officers who have served in an exemplary manner, characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency. Recipients must have completed 20 years of full-time service with one or more recognized Canadian police forces. Full-time police cadets in training also qualify for the award. Consideration is given only to periods of service for which no other national long service, good conduct or efficiency decoration has been awarded.

Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Canadian Forces are ineligible. However, full-time exemplary service of former members of the RCMP and Military Police of the Canadian Forces may qualify where that service has not been recognized by award of the RCMP Long Service and Good Conduct Medal or the Canadian Forces Decoration, respectively.

Is this a new line for you Darrell?

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Guest Darrell

Thanks Larry. Just snooping around :rolleyes:

I've seen some accounts of 30 Year awards (20 years for the medal, plus another 10 for a bar) given out. Obviously the awards are retro-active prior to the 1983 institution date.

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Guest Darrell

Looks like I found my man. Not only earned the Medal for 20 years but the bar for another additional 10 years. Nice cased award.


I'll post pics when it comes in next week ....

Here is the site I got the information:


The medal was simply impressed with H.G. HILL

So I selected HILL in this link:


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Guest Darrell

The medal and case arrived today. I must say it is stunning in hand. I would imagine these are not floating around the market in abundance for sale. If so, I haven't seen them.

Hope you enjoy. As usual, my photo skills leave a little to be desired, but they should be ok.

a. Carton for the Case. With Name and 1 bar designation on the lid:

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Well I managed to snag a second Exemplary Services Medal just a few days ago. This one is the Canadian Fire Services Exemplary Services Medal.

First a little background on this one:

The Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal

ORIGINS: In part based on the Police Exemplary Service Medal. Prior to the establishment of the Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal, several provincial governments awarded medals to firefighters for long service ? most notably Ontario, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and British Columbia. The Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal is also similar in criteria to the Colonial Fire Brigade Long Service Medal created in 1934 and the British Fire Brigade Long Service and Good Conduct Medal established in 1954, as these were the first standardized long service awards for members of the fire services.

CRITERIA: Awarded to persons who have completed 20 years as a member of the fire service, and whose service is of such good standard as to warrant the award. No period of service that has been recognized by another long service medal shall be counted towards the award of the Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal. Bars may be awarded for ten years additional service. The recipient must have been a member of the fire service on or after 29 August 1985.

INSIGNIA: A circular, silver coloured medal, 36mm in diameter. The obverse shows a Stylized maple leaf bearing a fire hydrant and crossed axes, with a Maltese cross entered thereon, all of which is circumscribed with the words Exemplary Service ? Services Distingues. The reverse bears the Royal cipher surmounted by a crown. Parts of the maple leaf not touching the inner edge of the medal are cut out.

OTHER: Each medal is engraved on the rim with the name of the recipient (e.g., R. EDWARDSON). The medal is presented in a black or blue rectangular case embossed with the Royal Arms of Canada or viceregal lion. The interior of the case is lined with maroon velvet and white satin.

NUMBER OF AWARDS: 37,857 (as of 2005)

*Information out of ?The Canadian Honours System? Copy 2005 ? Christopher McCreery*

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