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Wellington's Awards

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Knight of the Bath (1804)

Knight of the Garter (4 March 1813)

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (1815)

Peninsular Cross medal with nine bars for all campaigns

Waterloo Medal

Knight of the Golden Fleece (1812, Spain)

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Hanover (1816 Hanover)

Grandcross of the Military Order of William (1815, Holland )

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Here is what I have for Wellington:

British awards:

Order of the Garter-Knight

Order of the Bath-Knight Grand Cross Military Division

Army Gold Cross with all nine engagement bars

Waterloo medal

Foreign awards:

Austria: Military Order of Maria Theresa-Grand Cross

Baden: Order of Fidelity-Knight

Order of the Zahringen Lion- Grand Cross

Bavaria: Military Order of Maximillian Joseph-Grand Cross

Denmark: Order of the Elephant-Knight

France: Ordre du Saint Espirit-Knight

Hannover: Royal Guelphic Order-Grand Cross with swords

Hesse: Order of the Golden Lion-Grand Cross

Netherlands: Military Order of William-Grand Cross

Portugal: Order of the Tower and Sword-Grand Cross

Prussia: Order of the Black Eagle-Knight

Order of the Red Eagle-Grand Cross

Russia: Order of St. Andrew-Knight

Order of St. Alexander Nevsky-Knight(not sure of this one)

Order of St. George-1st Class

Saxony: Order of the Rue Crown-Knight

Savoy: Order of the Annunziata-Knight

Spain: Order of the Golden Fleece-Knight

Order of St. Ferdinand-Grand Cross

Order of St. Hermenegildo-Grand Cross

Sweden: Order of the Sword

Two Sicilies: Order of St. Januarius-Knight

Royal Military order of St. Ferdinand and of Merit-Grand Cross


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I found some interesting info here.


Peerage of the United Kingdom

Baron Douro, of Wellington in the county of Somerset

(4 Sept 1809)

Viscount Wellington, of Talavera and of Wellington in the County of Somerset

(4 Sept 1809)

Earl of Wellington, in the County of Somerset

(28 Feb 1812)

Marquess of Wellington, in the County of Somerset

(3 Oct 1812)

Marquess Douro

(11 May 1814)

Duke of Wellington, in the County of Somerset

(11 May 1814)


The Hon. Arthur Wesley

(birth-7 March 1787)

Ensign The Hon. Arthur Wesley

(7 Mar 1787 - 25 Dec 1787)

Lt. The Hon. Arthur Wesley

(25 Dec 1787 - 30 June 1791)

Capt. The Hon. Arthur Wesley

(30 June 1791 - 30 April 1793)

Major The Hon Arthur Wesley

(30 April 1793 - 30 Sept 1793)

Lt Col. The Hon. Arthur Wesley

(30 Sept 1793 - 3 May 1796)

Col. The Hon. Arthur Wesley

(3 May 1796 - 19 May 1798)

Col. The Hon. Arthur Wellesley

19 May 1798 - 29 April 1802)

Maj. Gen. The Hon. Arthur Wellesley

(29 April 1802 - 1 Sept 1804)

Maj. Gen. The Hon. Sir Arthur Wellesley, KB

(1 Sept 1804 - 8 April 1807)

Maj. Gen. The Rt Hon. Sir Arthur Wellesley, KB

(8 April 1807 - 25 April 1808)

Lt. Gen. The Rt Hon. Sir Arthur Wellesley, KB

(25 April 1808 - 4 Sept 1809)

Lt. Gen. The Rt Hon. The Viscount Wellington, KB, PC

(4 Sept 1809 - May 1809)

Gen. The Rt Hon. The Viscount Wellington, KB, PC

(May 1809 - 28 Feb 1812)

Gen. The Rt Hon. The Earl of Wellington, KB, PC

(28 Feb 1812 - 3 Oct 1812)

Gen. The Most Hon. The Marquess of Wellington, KB, PC

(3 Oct 1812 - 4 Mar 1813)

Gen. The Most Hon. The Marquess of Wellington, KG, KB, PC

(4 Mar 1813 - 21 June 1813)

Field Mar. The Most Hon. The Marquess of Wellington, KG, KB, PC

(21 June 1813 - 11 May 1814)

Field Mar. His Grace The Duke of Wellington, KG, KB, PC

(11 May 1814 - 2 Jan 1815)

Field Mar. His Grace The Duke of Wellington, KG, GCB, PC

(2 Jan 1815 - 14 Sept 1852)



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His titles as read out at his funeral were:

Duke of Wellington, Marquis of Wellington, Marquis of Douro, Earl of Wellington in Somerset, Wellington of Talavera, Baron Douro of Wellesley, Prince of Waterloo in the Netherlands, Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo in Spain, Duke of Brunoy in France, Duke of Vitoria, Marques of Tores Vedras, Count of Vimierio in Portugal, a Grandee of the First Class in Spain, a Privy Councillor, Commander in Chief of the British Army, Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, the Lord High Constable of England, the Constable of the Tower, Warden of the Cinque Ports, Admiral of the Cinque Ports, Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, Lord Lieutenant of the Tower Hamlets, Ranger of St James Park, Ranger of Hyde Park, Chancellor of the University of Oxford...........

(source Richard Holmes, Wellington)

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This embroidered star of the swedish Order of the Sword belonged to the Iron Duke who had this star in his luggages during the Waterloo campaign. He offers this later to général Björnstjerna who was swedish statesman and ambassador in London in the years 1820.










This star was presented at the exhibition "Napoléon - Wellington. Destins croisés. Shared destinies" (Musée Wellinton. Waterloo.2015).

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Very nice!  I suspect His Grace would have needed a separate baggage wagon to carry all his awards and decorations in the latter years!  Always interesting, though, to see who was given what and by whom in these international situations.  [I almost said 'international love fests' ;) ]  

Is the star yours, Augustin?  Whether or no, thank you for sharing it.

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Very nice star, worn by a distinguished person. 

In 1989 the Beaufort Garter jewels were auctioned by Christie's. In the sale was a sash  riband of the Garter that was given by the 2d Duke of Wellington to the 8th Duke of Beaufort. The 8th Duke was aide-de-camp to the 2d Duke of Wellington. There was a note attached that this sash was worn by the 1st Duke of Wellington. The families had close ties, the father of the 8th Duke de Beaufort was aide-de-camp to the 1st Duke of Wellington. I have it now in my collection, and although there of course can never be 100% guarantee that the famous Duke had worn this sash himself before it was given away, I am happy to believe so. The attached Garter is also old and original but has no connection with the Duke.

hope you like it. Pieter



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hi Peter,


thanks for your nice comment. As I am a medal collector, my impossible dream will be to have one of the orders worn by Napoleon, but they are all in museums, and would be beyond my financial reach anyway. However, the closest I can come to an order related to Napoleon is the Legion d'Honneur, established by him in 1802. Attached from my collection a chevalier 3d type of the Legion d'Honneur, together with the award document, signed by the Grand Chancelier.

As it is said that the Emperor would initial personally all lists with nominations for the Legion d'Honneur, I would like to believe that Napoleon at least have held the list on which the name of my awardee was mentioned.

Somehow the picture is uploaded sideways. I couldn't fix it, sorry for the inconvenience. Pieter


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I think a document initialled by His Imperial Majesty will do for we mere mortals.  Thank you for sharing it.  Most of us will never have either the gelt or the inclination to be Lord Ashcroft but, personally, I'd be as happy with a musket ball fired on the battlefield at Waterloo as with a Marshall's uniform and were I still collecting medals, many of the 1813-15 awards to the Allied troops hold great appeal for me.

I was on the battlefield, in the [reproduction] uniform of a British staff officer on the 200th anniversary of the battle last June and that in itself was very special.  The culmination of 20 years of re-enacting and hard to beat as a living history experience!

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I remember the grouping, I catalogued when I was at Sotheby's about 15 years ago, at the time it made about £10,000, so it has made a 500% profit in 15 years ( why were the Cameron family investing in Panama when they could have got a better return buying this sort of stuff.


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I agree with you, historic items need not be expensive, but having said that, prices have risen for even simple items from the Napoleontic period. How nice that you joined the re-enactment at Waterloo last summer. I could only get a look-on ticket somewhere at a distance from the battlefield. The good places were sold out, but anyway the whole atmosphere was exciting. 

Paul, yes when I started collecting as a youngster many years ago in the Netherlands, the highest Dutch award, the Military Order of William, knights class in good condition, could be bought for 50 guilders (about 25 euro). Now 1000 euro is not enough. Of course I realize that at that time wages were also lower, however the price increase is many fold the wage increase. I should have bought any Military order of William then coming on the market, and who knows would now have been able to afford Wellington's Garter. 



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