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Photograph: Berlin, 2nd of may 1945


I have one of the signed original proofs of that famous photograph in my collection of Soviet decorations & militaria:

It shows the Soviet renowed poet Yevgeni Dolmatovski as a genuine Major of the Red Army in front of the Reichstag with the scull of Lance Corporal ("Gefreiter") Adolf Schickelgruber (EK I & wound badge from 1914) under his right arm.

More about that photograph and Dolmatovski's deeds in Berlin at the quiz-thread: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?s=&showtop...st&p=172964 (+ following postings!).

Best regards :beer:


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Private Andrey Leontyevich Kolesnik

Just a lonesome single order of Glory, 3rd class. But, from the recommendation: ". . . during street fighting in Berlin, he and a group of other intelligence men were the first to rush into enemy?s disposition, killing Hitlerites hiding in cellars and attics."

See: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=22045

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Its impressive to see the bars with the Defense of Moscow combined with the Capture of Berlin...

Those bars do express a sense of justice, dont they?

Even better.. Moscow, Stalingrad, then Berlin?!?!

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My uncle Joseph Langevin was in Berlin with the ?Fusiliers Mont-Royal? (Sixth Canadian Infantry Brigade) from July 4th to July 27th 1945 as part of the occupation forces. On July 21st, he participated in the Victory Parade in front of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and General Montgomery. He wrote about it in this letter to his family.

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This group is currently in transit from auction house to me. It's my first soviet "Group" and i got it because as you can see it has the 3 numbered awards i'm sure the research will tell an interesting tale. My gut is leading me to think that the Glory 3 will be for operations involved in the taking of Berlin as the number is within 30,000 of the one Ed has shown.

The MMM is in the 400,000 range and thank to poor photos courtesy of the auction house i'm clueless as to the number on the red star however i've been assured that the red star and all the other awards match the awards card.

Can anyone tell me why there would be 2 different awards cards ones dated 43 and the other 45.



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