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Mongolian Ribbon Bars

Rick Research

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I've accumulated quite some loose ribbons over time and have "allocated" them to various boxed / documented / group awards to make those sets more "complete" for display purposes.

This leaves me with a bunch of ribbons for which I have no direct use at this moment and I am willing to trade (not sell!) them for ones which I am still looking for. Shoot me a mail if you see anything interesting AND have an interesting ribbon to trade it for.

I am looking for:

- Sukhbaatar (brass / cloth)

- Order of Red Combat Valor (cloth)

- Order of Combat Valor (cloth)

- Medal of Khalkhin Gol (seperate, so not on a ribbon bar)

- Medal of Unselfishness

- Medal of Friendship

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I agree-- a very nice and unusual style!

1) Order of the Polar Star, Polar Star, Military Merit Medal

2) Military Merit Medal, Khalkingol Badge 1939, 1946 25th Abnniversary of the Republic

3) ????, 1971 50th Anniversary of the Republic, WW2 Victory

4) 1969 Khalkin Gol Jubilee, Soviet WW2 Voictory Over Japan

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An awesome piece indeed! It is genuine I think.

The ribbons I have been able to identify are:

1. Order of Combat Merit

2. "60 Years of the Mongolian People's Revolution" Medal

3. "70 Years of the Mongolian People's Revolution" Medal

4. "80 Years of the Mongolian People's Revolution" Medal

5. "60 Years of the Armed Forces of the MPR"

6. ?? (possibly Mongolian Armed Forces LSM - 20 years)


12. USSR: Jubilee Medal "70 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR"

It is possible that the other ribbons are Mongolian too. It seems that Mongolia has many more ribbons for their decorations than we know.

#8 seems to be a civil defense decoration. I have no idea what it is, I'm guessing from the symbol.



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Thanks Lukasz,

More Mongolian ribbons than I realized apparently. Will have to double check Dr B's book because I did scan through it and don't recall seeing indications for all those ribbons but then perhaps you are correct indeed there are more ribbons than we know.


Cross-reference to the main Mongolian ribbons thread.

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I'm going to move this into the Mongolian section, since it sure looks like this is a MONGOLIAN mystery and not an Unknown Countries mystery.

Might these unknowns be post-Communist political party or new ministerial awards? The triangle one MIGHT be related to the illustrated Order of Freedom Justice & Unity of the Social-Democratic Party of Mongolia???....

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I noticed last night arriving at the Ulanbaatar airport that the one customs/immigration officer who was wearinbg ribbon bars (who also had a nasty quality late variety border guards badge) was wearing the plastic domed variety of ribbon bars, similar to many of the specimens shown here. When were cloth ribbon bars ever worn?

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The only "official" ribbon bars are the cloth ones. (Since the ending of the lovely enameled ribbons.)

The domed painted plastic ones are all non-regulation, private purchase items, made up by free-lancers who don't know much about ribbons or medals. They are a "style" statement.

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