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Mongolian Ribbon Bars

Rick Research

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Ahhh, what a :love::love: and yet the 1946 Medal is ahead of both the Soviet Victory Over Japan AND the Mongolian version.

Aaaaaagggggghhhhhh. It drives my neat and orderly desire for proper precedence regulations crazy!!!!! r

Agreed, but as these are unofficial concoctions, I'd expect more "artistic random variability" that is "usual".

Pretty, though!

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I've seen that olive green - yellow - olive green ribbon of the Polar Star many times:


But there seems to be a pre-1961 ribbon for the Polar Star with the colors yellow - blue - yellow - red - yellow - blue - yellow. Has anyone ever seen pictures of it?

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I think that's him! A beautiful ribbon!

Edit: Who has seen cloth-versions of this one?

Polar Star? The enamel was always enamel (or goofy paint under plastic) never cloth, the post-1961 was cloth.

Sorry, not clear what you are wanting to see??

For comparison:

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I have it on good authority that an enameled ribbon bat :love: of that set that is split between Christer


and myself


surfaced some time back and went off to Germany. So this probably idetifiable ribbon set is now well and truly split. :banger:

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:Cat-Scratch: Oooooooooo! A Generallllllllll. :jumping::jumping::jumping:

Typical SCREWY non-regulation precedence, and am confused at several of the colors

Row 1: Orderr of Sukhbator/Red Banner-Military/Red Banner-Labor/ Military Merit O (cannot bring self to call this "Valor" when it is long service)

Row 2: Polar Star O/ UNKNOWN/MMM/Hon Med-Labor

Row 3: UNKNOWN/ ??? Victory Over Japan (see below ???)/ Republic 1946/Repunblic 1961

Row 4: Revolution 1971/Revolution 1981/UNKNOWN/UNKNOWN

Row 5: ? Victory Over Japan (see above?)/ ? 1939 Khalkin Gol ?/ 1969 Khalkin Gol/ 1975 Victory

Row 6: 1971 Army/1981 Army/1971 Police/ UNKNOWN

Row 7: ? Cultivators Of Virgin Lands ?/1979 Khalkin Gol

Between the colors that are off from what is shown in Dr. Battushig's book and the randomly weird placements, I'm lost on some of these. The unknowns don't appear in his book at all!!!!

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Here's an interesting one just in:

Order of Sukhbaatar ? ? ? Order of Combat Valor

? ? faded Honorary Medal of Combat? ? Medal We Won

Medal 50 Years of Mongolian People?s Revolution ? Medal 40 Years of MPR ? ?

? ? Medal 50 Years of Mongolian People?s Army ? Soviet Victory over Germany Medal

Based on the medals NOT on here (i.e. 60 year medals in '81) this appears to be from the late 70?s.

Interesting that he has the Germany medal not the Japan one... and this makes me wonder about the question mark ribbons... I thought nr 2 on top row MIGHT be Soviet Order of Red banner but it's not 100% correct. The others, also Eastern European theater?

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Interesting, Bob. As with most Mongolian ribbon bars, it raises more questions than it provides answers. Generally, I'd assume that the "VoG" ribbon would be a representative ribbon for the Soviet 25th Anniversary badge? I have never seen anything to indicate that any Mongolian troops served in the European theater. In fact, just the opposite: That their deployment there was offered and rejected. In any case, Japan was the major enemy.

Still pondering this one . . . .

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Either the 1970 MoD Jubilee or possibly even an Order of Glory. Some things we'll never know from ribbons.

Bob-- what's faded out here is the color light blue on all of these

Row 1 = Sukhbaatar, "Combat Valor," and Labor "Valor"

Row 2 = Polar Star, MMM, and Victory Over Japan

Row 3 = 1971 Revolution, 1961 Revolution, 1975 Victory Over Japan

Row 4 = 1969 Khalkin Gol, 1971 Army, Soviet Mystery Ribbon

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Some new ribbon bars:

1- Polar Star, Hononary Medal of Labor, 40 Years of MPR / 50 Years of MPR, MRYL Medal (V06)

2- Hononary Medal of Combat [sic], 30th Anniversary of Khalkin Gol, 50 Years of Army/ 40th Anniversary of Khalkin Gol

3- Hononary Medal of Combat [sic], 50 Years of State Security, 60 Years of Army / 50 Years of Police

4- Medal of Unselfishness (??), 50 Years of MPR, 50 Years of State Security

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No, all continues seamlessly. There has been no conscious erasure of the past as in the USSR and the same awards continue. There is occasionally talk about getting a new set of awards and we should tremble at the likely ugly silliness that would emerge. This issue has been raised in the campaign leading up to the election (voting is underway even as I type), but no one really expects anything to change anytime soon.

Everyone wears these domed plastic things (although they are quite unofficial). There have, however, been few new mass-distribution things issued.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. :love::jumping: Is each one of the 3 ribbons an individual piece held in by the rim, or are all three made together in one piece?

They are individual pieces held together by the casing (tight as can be - no room to slightly push them around whatsoever)

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