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Hi Gents

I was going to post elsewhere but I think it belongs here.

it is in the spirit of the “what were they thinking...” theme yet not a trench.

August 1915.....





Of them, taking just one man in particular who catches my eye...

He does not want to be there now.

Shoulders down and Slumped’ - not happy I reckon!

As he is positioned at the end, at the front, likely.he was either on of the first there, and has been waiting so long, he’s had enough 


he was one of the last there because he didn’t want be there.....

maybe no one to post a picture  to,  better things to do or a bad day.

then I ask why etc etc


Hope you like gents

excuse my ramble!



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first (very interesting) photo: NCO sentry (Posten) in Dixmuiden. In the background a detonating enemy granade .

Other side:

Dear Emma, for you this card. Here you see a redoubt. The bags are full of earth or dirt. And the walls are up to three meters wide/thick/strong, so that no shot will penetrate easily. But if a granade hits directly it is all destroyed.


The 2nd photo shows the BAVARIAN RIR3, 2nd coy. Greetings to a brother and the info that an accquaintance (?) was KIA.



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On 23/12/2018 at 07:00, buellmeister said:


Sorry that I have been away for so long. Here is another interesting picture that has made its way to me.




Interesting , the man of the left wears Cavalry , Artillery boots , perhaps he belongs to the Foot Artillery .

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Hi Gents

What a great photo....

21 hours ago, ErwinZ said:

A badly exposed shot. I tried to bring it back a bit.

I like the helmet covers on this one.


The one on the left, in particular, looks really young to me...


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Really, a nice photo! Me too, I like the steel-helmet-covers!

Here is an example of the staff of 208th Inf.Div. (the so-called "Strich-Division). Note the the single stripe for the staff.

Unit is Fernsprech-Abteilung 208 (> oval-patch)

208.Inf.Div. (Fernsprech-Abteilung 208, Stahlhelm Überzug, Ovalabzeichen, Strichdiviaion).JPG

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Hi Gents 

this one is an Rppc 

I hope the detail shows on it

#1 wears an Iron Cross Ribbon, Chequered and striped cuffs? with map bag....

also standing in a hole







On my phone camera it only picks out/focuses on man #2, stood to the left, with arms folded...


There at 15 men in this photo....




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the second photo of the soldiers in the RUSSLAND trench, covered with snow and no heavy overcoats to be had. for some of them this will be there grave.

the first photo of soldiers wearing gas mask's, i noticed two distinct types of gas masks being worn. does any one know what type that they are?

the second photo of the soldiers in the RUSSLAND trench, covered with snow and no heavy overcoats to be had. for some of them this will be there grave. on page #2 i like the candid photo of the soldier killing lice in his shirt!

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On 18/01/2019 at 08:43, buellmeister said:


Here is another recent arrival from the Vaterland.  Curious as to know what is in the right soldier's hand?








A sort of mace ?

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