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I think there are more often sins of omission where a guy "disappears" on transfer than real mistakes.

Just in case you don't have it - it is Paul Kurt Wilhelm v. Friedrich-Schroeter, born 16 February 1886 at Ornontowitz. Later Hauptmann i.G., only raised to the nobilty on 11 June 1902 on account of the Stepfather, one Landrat Paul v. Schroeter.



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David, There are no rolls for the KVK, and from what I saw in the archives in Wolfenbüttel, only about a quarter of the award files with recommendations and approvals remain. Christophe

Hi Friends, next one will be the military awards of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. I hope, until springtime I am ready to deliver. If anybody is interested, please PM me. Greetings Daniel

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There's something really odd, genealogically, to granting hereditary nobility to a non-biological child! :speechless:

Contrast the nice neat as will be published Hohenzollern page above with this one, from the sausage-making work in progress on Schaumburg. This happens to be 9 representative entries from the 2nd type 1890+ SLH3 class:

Everything in purple has been added by me. Of nine entries, I have added

6 first names

2 last names spelled wrong on the original roll have been corrected

8 births and/or assignments/residences have been added

1 death date has been added

1 German Orders Almanac entry error has been noted to be noted as a correction (quite a problem with these!!!)

2 cross references to see other Schaumburg classes to the same recipients have been added (saves flipping, wondering)

and the rest is towards the goal of a Ultimate Data Base for GROUPS being carried on simultaneously but distinct from the rolls work. :rolleyes:

This level of additions is TYPICAL for the entire process.

Having typed everything in black from the handwritten horror of the original rolls, when I'm done Being Purple, then it goes to Daniel and our other fellow gnomes laboring away in obscurity for fanatical proofreading and their specialist additions to THESE additions. :speechless1:

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After 3 1/2 months, I have finished ALL the Schaumburg Lippe rolls that got to me, 1869-1918. Off to Daniel they went with Detmold, held in order to cross list the awards of both states to each other for "doubles." So Lippe Detmold is officially "done" now too as far as anything I could do with them.

When Daniel gets through with them (about 10,000 entries combined :speechless1: ) they will be Printer Ready.

Now time for a Well Deserved Break!!!!

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Hi Friends,

5 of our volumes are at the publisher.

- Princely Hohenzollern

- Weimar

- the 3 Ernestines

- non-W?rttemberg Awards to W?rttemberg personnel in WW1

- heavily overworked Waldeck

I?m WAAAITTING now to know what they will cost and when they will be available.

It depends now how fast they can be printed.

We will keep You posted for any progress.

Just that You know, Better buy Your volumes as soon as they are available than to wait a year or so.

This Volumes will have veery small editions of lets say 40 each. No more, because there are not so many guys interested in like in a novel by Tom Clancy. So if You wait iuntil they are sold out You may have to wait 5 to 10 years for a 2nd edition.

Best regards


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Without the "up front" money to do this ourselves, that decision remains with our publisher, Michael Autengruber.

So start saving your Euros, pounds, dollars, and zink-plated Rumelian plotniks NOW, folks. :rolleyes: Those of you who have expressed previous interest will not be forgotten. :beer: But I don't know how many may be available after that.

While theoretically possible for more to be printed if demand exceeds supply, I would never count on any "second edition" for any specialist militaria reference books. :(

Waldeck has been redone-- but the 2nd edition (if indeed printed this year) will come out NINE YEARS after Erhard Roth's 1st edition.

So 2016 is rather a long way off for anybody who doesn't acquire a first-and-possibly-only edition of these.

Daniel and I will of course inform everybody as soon as we have the glad tidings of how many (and so, for how much since the fewer printed the more each will cost, alas) HAVE been printed. I will be handling the North American sales, since the number wanted will be shipped in one lot to me for re-shipping individually-- cheaper than every book coming from Germany.

Just for counting noses purposes, and without any COMMITMENT at this point (not knowing firm price per as yet unprinted volume) if anyone interested in the 5 volumes above would indicate which ones they ARE interested in, that might help decide how many to print.

The five volumes are:

1)- Principality of Hohenzollern Ehrenkreuz WW1 awards with Xs down to GOLD Medals, 1914-1947 (when the last WW1 was issued)

2)- Saxe-Weimar 1914-1919: White Falcon Order right down to Silver Merit Crosses, General Decorations with X and military no-X GOLD and SILVER Medals (but NOT the Bronzes), Wilhelm Ernst War Cross--note that over half the White Falcons Knights 2nd Class X are MISSING, that volume of the rolls being lost or destroyed or misplaced. Note that Weimar's rolls have NO day or month, only the year of bestowal. What there was is all there is.

3)- the 3 Ernestine Duchies of Saxe-Altenburg, Saxe-Coburg, and Saxe-Meiningen 1914-1918 all X and "Jahrezahl" awards of the Ernestine House Order (complete for Altenburg and Coburg, missing after 1915 for Meiningen--lost or destroyed roll) and the Ernestine medals from Altenburg as in Roth and from Coburg to Gold but all medals "mit Jahrezahl" to Silvers. Meiningen's War Honor Crosses ARE complete, combatant and non-combatant. Also Carl Eduard War Cross, Carl Eduard Medals. All in one volume.

4)- non-W?rttemberg Awards to W?rttemberg personnel in WW1: a HUGE volume of Daniel's work about equal in size to all the rest combined. Amazing stuff!!!

5) - Waldeck WW1: same as Erhard Roth's 1997 edition but THOUSANDS of additions to entries and changes. Erhard Roth only had the publicly published Beilage reports. The new data is from the actual ROLLS, down through the GOLD but not, alas, silver medals which remain as Roth did that grade-- including vastly more unit information, and with extensive tweaking of actual award rather than publication dates.

Of course, as the examples posted show, all of these are not simply the rolls transcribed, but with extensive information added-- first names that were missing, units that were missing, cross-referenced awards so no need to flip to the Wilhelm Ernst War Cross to see if a White Falcon or Silver General Decoration winner got that-- each entry will reference the others, and birth and death years when known as well as other significant awards etc.

No more wondering if that medal bar with Hindenburg Cross belonged to Soundso if he died in 1927! :catjava:

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I will take all 5 and buy another 5 for the OMSA Library (despite it being given away).

The Bremen List was sent-and the box has arrived-EMPTY!!!! It was opened in Philidelphia by US customs and not resealed. I have filed a claim.

I am screwed.

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:angry: @*&%# federallly pensionable :banger:

I will also be ordering at least 1 of each of the 5 myself and intend to squirrel away a set or 2 as spares (for anyone looking for them in 2009 or 2012 :catjava: ) IF they do not sell out completely on pre-commited orders. There aren't even going to be "author copies" so availability may be that tight.

I'll amend intended orders here to simplify count, but post your intentions below please!


Volume 1 Hohenzollern = 11

Volume 2 Saxe-Weimar = 11

Volume 3 Ernestine Duchies = 11

Volume 4 Non-W?rttemberg to W?rttembergers - 11

Volume 5 Waldeck 2nd Edition = 11

EUROPE & THE WORLD (will be sent directly from Germany when the Happy Day comes) =

Volume 1 Hohenzollern = 10

Volume 2 Saxe-Weimar = 9

Volume 3 Ernestine Duchies = 9

Volume 4 Non-W?rttemberg = 10

Volume 5 Waldeck 2nd Edition = 10

Edited by Rick Research
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I do hope that there will be printed more then 40, iff so then that would be a very weird printing proces => however put me on this list for a example of each one: (one example from all 5 volumes towards Belgium )

Cordial greetings,

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This beats the recent sadistic retail store trend of making people line up at 1 A.M. to be first in line at the stampede when the doors open for the latest mass produced fad item. :cheeky:

Not that there is exactly a STAMPEDE for any of these, but... 10 years WILL be a long time to wait for the "next" edition of these micro-produced volumes. :cheers:

I'm sure depending on the demand for these, THESE sales will influence how many get printed for the two Lippes, W?rttemberg's own awards and... I've lost track of Multi-Task Daniel's OTHER projects' completion schedules for the NEXT batch of volumes. :speechless1:

First we have to actually get THESE on paper.

Meanwhile, thanks to the criminally stupid incompetence of the U.S. Customs, plans for Bremen's roll may be effectively DEAD, at least on this side of the Atlantic. :banger::angry::angry:

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That's what I was thinking meself. :catjava: Though of course the true value of an Actual Author Inscribed Copy cannot be underestimated. :cat:

But that presumes that there WILL be any "EXTRA" copies. :speechless1: Between this website and any German one Daniel frequents where these are put on offer, given probable numbers printed...

anybody who wants any had best Speak Now.

Now HOPEFULLY, if there is an unexpected global clamor for 'em


more of this FIRST batch COULD be slid in with the production of the NEXT batch (the Lippes, W?rttembergs-to-their-own etc)

but I cannot make any such promises since we plodding research gnomes are NOT in charge of what comes out in print.

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:beer: Yup, but this gets everything nice and neat, now that we are in sight of finally getting them printed. I know it may seem like a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooonger process to those of you who have been WAITING than it certainly was for Daniel and me TYPING them! :speechless1::lol:

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