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I believe they are at Burg Hohenzollern in Hechingen, Germany. I was there on several occasions and they have a fabluous collection of decorations belonging to the von Hohenzollerns. Definately Wilhelm I, and I think Wilhelm II also as I recall. Well worth a visitm but off the beaten tourist route. Hechingen is south of Stuttgart about an hour.


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That bar went for a whopping hammer price of 63000 Euros...

Now add the fees etc. ... :speechless1:


WOW!! Do you think they threw in the picture for free?


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You might be interested to know that the Kaiser Wilhelm group shown in post #3 is part of a what was known as The Kaiser Wilhelm Collection which was bought jointly by George Seymour and another collector at Sotheby?s auction in Geneva in 1995. Several other pieces from this collection have been sold in recent Thies auctions; most notably the Princely Hohenzollern 1st class cross with swords and the Saxe Weimar grand cross with swords star.

Below is a portion of the collection relative to our discussion. This picture is taken from ?Kaiser Wilhelm II, The Adventures of His Orders and Medals? by Michael Forman.


Wild Card

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Below are two more views of the group under discussion, again from Mr. Foreman?s publication. Relative to Great Dane?s observation (?...high ranking persons had several sets (or subsets) of their decorations to be used on different occasions.?), this is an excellent point worthy of another discussion; I think that I should point out that the picture shown was chosen because it shows The Kaiser wearing this particular bar. I am further quite sure that it was taken after his abdication.

One of the really interesting things about this group is the fact that a number of the decorations are special, or prinzen/reduction, pieces.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't alot of the Foreman collection loaned for filming of the 1970's series The Fall of Eagles?

Yes! now that you mention it, I do seem to recall this as being correct.

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Since this subject came up, I have been digging through some of George?s archives and managed to come up with a little more information. Yes, he (Wilhelm II) did seem to like Godet. Below are a couple of pictures, from the archives, one of which shows a Godet plate on the reverse of The Kaiser?s Black Eagle star.

There is a story related to this in Mr. Foreman?s publication where he shows a Picture of Wilhelm II at the time of his father?s death in 1888. It is noted that ?It was quite normal and natural for The Kaiser to wear his father?s (Brilliant-Cut) star as a new one would have taken considerable time to manufacture, from time to time the Star would be sent to the Crown Jewelers for cleaning and repair. In 1911, or later, the centre plate was replaced with the Crown Jewelers center plate?.

There is also a picture of Wilhelm?s body lyung in state after his death in 1941 which clearly shows this star upon his uniform.

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