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Only one SA(or NSKK,I can't remember which!) in the cases.A few dress bayos and the rest are Heer daggers in the cases.Most of the bayos came from Ebay,and the others from a few dealers and collectors.Only one bayo,a fairly modren U.S. M7 made by Eickhorn came from a yard-sale.This pile is a little over a years worth of collecting.And yes,I have been slacking off putting them in display cases since I'm running out of wall space!

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Colorado,yes and no!To the left of the pile is my computer,which the pile was tilting!It got so bad I had to move almost all the bayos to a dresser drawer.But I've made a few additions,so the original pile is almost as big as before,and now I have a dresser drawer full of bayos to boot cheers.gif !

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I have always liked the way you display your daggers.

Very impressive.

If at some point while digging through your "pile" you happen across

a pumpkin handled Heer dagger you don't known what to do with, It

would have a nice home in Wisconsin.

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