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A photograph of the inside liner. Although the leather is rather dark, it can be just discerned that there manufacturer's ink stampings are just legible above the two rows of vent holes of the liner in the upper half of the picture.



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Fantastic lids,guys !

Love the FJ's..,would love to have Richard's and Frank's para's..

I used to have 2,quite some years ago,a early textbook spanner bolt and a early spanner bolt camo..,both great helmets.

The camo was a beauty,never saw one alike,2 spanner bolts at the back were missing and a thick iron wire went through the holes,wire was camo too,one of the finest originals you could get..,super colors,eagle slightly visible..

I had to sell them those days.. angry.gif

The camo is still in a large collection nearby,but I can't get it back,the owner never wants to get rid of it ,whatever I offer him..

I don't blame him...a super lid..,tears are filling my eyes...snort !

Unfortunately I only have a M40 at the moment..,a nice one though..

Here's da bird.


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I have currently in my collection, a Luftwaffe double decal M35 steel pot, with a first pattern eagle, drop tail styling with the "fat" swastika. About as early an example as can be found.

I can't shoot it today, but if there is interest in seeing it, once I am able, I would be most pleased to do so for the membership to review.


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Here is the latest addition to my militaria collection. A nice M35 single decal made by Quist size 66 and last but not least batch numbered at 1944. I completed a swap for it yesterday and to say the least, I'm very happy I acquired it.



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