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Hello gents,

Imperial is not my area of collecting (not from lack of interest but from lack of money :) ), so bear with me if I provide too little information:

I have an award document for a Egon Freiherr von F?rstenberg (dated 1907).

Is it possible to find out more about this guy like his career and his decorations?



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See, I knew I had too little information... :)

The award document is for the Danish Order of Dannebrog (Knight)

In the document he is described as "Legation secretary at the Imperial German Legation in Copenhagen"

I'm afraid that is all I know... :(


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DIPLOMAT Egon! The last one marked --->

That's from the 1908/09 German Orders Almanac (Paul C's CD).

So, born in Stammheim 24 November 1869. In 1908 he was 2nd Secretary of the German Embassy in Brussels, but assigned "kommissarisch" to the German Embassy in Copenhagen.

His awards then were Mecklenburg-Schwerin-Wend Crown-Knight, Prussian Red Eagle 4, Prussian Reserve-Landwehr Decoration 2nd Class, Belgian Leopold Order-Knight, your Dannebrog-Knight, Austro-Hungarian Order of the Iron Crown 3rd, and Austro-Hungarian Franz Joseph Order-Knight.

In 1914 he was the senior Oberleutnant der Reserve (as Freiherr von F?rstenberg-Stammheim) in Ulanen Regiment 15 (showing home residence in Deutz), upgraded to the Prussian Reserve-Landwehr XX Years Service Cross, and adding the following: Prussian Crown Order 3rd, Bavarian Order of St. Michael 3rd, Oldenburg House Order-Officer (pinback) and his Dannebrog had been upgraded ro a Commander 2nd Class.

He was not posted in Denmark in 1917, and unfortunately the Hof und Staats Kalendar does not have an index to locate him if still in the Diplomatic Service then.

more will no doubt follow. :catjava:

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My goodness! That was more than I had ever hoped for. Thanks a bunch, Rick!

I didn't realize there were that many with the same name.

I even bought Paul's CDs (to support the initiative), but apparently has to learn how to use them :D


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Rick, Mike,

Franz Egon Maria Hubertus Johannes Walpurgis 3. Graf von F?rstenberg-Stammheim was elevated to that title following the death of his father, Gisbert Egon 2. Graf von F?rstenberg-Stammheim on 28 March 1908. Only the first son carried the title Graf von F?rstenberg-Stammheim, the other male members that of Freiherr von F?rstenberg. Consequently from 1909 onwards Egon is listed as Graf von F?rstenberg-Stammheim in the army lists. In 1914 he was the Legation Secretary of the German Embassy in Budapest.

Sekonde-Lieutenant/Leutnant d.R.: 19.3.96

Oberleutnant d.R.: 14.6.06

Rittmeister d.R. 29.10.14

He is in error referred to Freiherr von F?rstenberg in the entry gazetting his promotion to Rittmeister d.R. A younger relative and junior Oberleutnant d.R. in the same regiment - Guido Freiherr von F?rstenberg achieved that rank on 10.11.14.



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Rick, Glenn,

A big thanks to both of you.

I remember trying to find out more about him a couple of years ago, but not knowing more than his name I didn't have a chance (there are heaps of Egon von F?rstenberg out there - it seems to be an inherited name...).

I should have known I only had to ask in this forum instead :)


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Yes. We know very strange things. :rolleyes:

Ok, now that I know where Your Egon was in 1914--

he was still there in 1917--

Generalkonsul of the German Empire in Budapest (since 1912) with rank of Legationsrat.

From the Gothaischer Genealogischer Hofkalendar nebst Diplomatisch-Statistischem Jahrbuche 1917:

There is no index. :speechless1:


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