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Hesse-Darmstadt Phillip the Magnanomous

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Just got this in from Steve Brown, made in gold, but as you can see missing one handle to one sword.

It has a small enamel repair to the righit arm but generally when viewing is not noticeable.

What are your recommendations on replacing the handle vice leaving it as is? Will replacing it cause any possible damage to the piece or the integrity of the piece?

Last, recommendations for period cravat (even in a section) are appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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And the reverse......

Love the badge....except for the one repair it's in pretty good shape.....gotta get em when you can right?

No one else piped in, so I will. I would make the repair...nice enough not to be distracting, but poor enough to be detectable as a later repair and not a period-era repair.

But that's my opinion -in this case. I seldon advocate making "repairs" to medals or bars. But to make a reversible repair to a medal with this kind of trauma I think is understandable. But I'm sure there are other opinions that are worthy of consideration.

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Hallo Gents, :beer:

if you decided to make a repair, one option might be to ask a good jeweler if its possible to make a cast of the opposite sword handle to use as a mould for a replacement one.

I think if it was mine I would repair it.

Kevin in Deva :cheers:

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