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Purple Heart - Normandy KIA

Guest Darrell

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Guest Darrell

Here is a nice Purple Heart I received today. It is named to a fellow KIA'd in Normandy on June 15, 1944.



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Guest Darrell

Any info on the unit and the action he was killed in?

Normandy must be very well documented.

I managed to find this on mine, although the action was a bit obscure. http://www.kaiserscross.com/40312/42469.html

Normandy research must be a great treasure trove of info..


I've thought about getting some PH's reserached, but I've heard that the chances of a Canadian getting anywhere through the normal channels is slim to none. I may have to get someone from the US to do it and pass along the info to me.

Good stuff :jumping:

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Guest Darrell

I would drop the deep personal research... who cares about his height and collar size...

Just the unit, the day of the wound... its enough to start one....

Then hit the books and see where and when they fought.



More specific than 47th Infantry Regiment / 9th Infantry Division?

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Guest Darrell

Well here is some information on the Infantry Regiment at this time.



A determined German counterattack from the south succeeds in driving back 101st AB elements to within 500 yards of Carentan. The counterdrive is halted, however, by the arrival of elements of the 2d Armd Div, driving in hard from Isigny. Carentan is held against the strongest enemy counter action to date, in the invasion area.

Elements of the 22d Inf, coming up from the southwest, approach the Quineville road. Elsewhere along the not sector VII Corps forces are held to small advances.

In the area around Montebourg, activity is confined to patrol action. Elements of the 12th Inf remain in advanced positions across the Montebourg-Quineville road.

The 90th Div elements around Amfreville and Pont l'Abbe have barely reached the intermediate objectives set for them on D plus 3. Gen MacKelvie is relieved of his command and replaced by Maj Gen Eugene M. Landrum. The 90th Div is ordered relieved of the Merderet sector, to be replaced by the 9th Div, under Maj Gen Manton S. Eddy, and by reorganized units of the 82d AB Div.


14 JUNE ? With the capture of Carentan and the ending of the Omaha Beach phase of the invasion, two main objectives remain to the Utah Beach forces. These are the cutting off of the Cotentin peninsula by a drive to its west coast, and the capture of the port of Cherbourg, to be used as a supply port for further strengthening and build-up of Allied forces in France.

The first of these objectives is assigned to the 82d and 9th Divs. The 90th Div, after being relieved at Pont l'Abbe, is ordered to withdraw behind the advance of the other two divisions and set up and maintain a line west from Le Ham ? flank of the 4th Div northward drive ? so as to cover the left flank of the Cherbourg assault and the right flank of the drive to the west coast.

First phase of this operation is a coordinated attack by the 82d along the Pont l'Abbe-St. Sauveur le Vicomte highway, and the 9th Div, on its right, toward Ste. Colombe.

The 358th Inf, 90th Div, secures a road junction just west of Pont l'Abbe, while 82d Div groups push on to form a line based on Bonneville and extending south to the Douve floodlands.

Unable to disengage and reform for their new assignment, units of the 90th Div remain in the battle. While part of the 9th Div pushes on past Renouf, the 359th and 357th Inf Regis of the 90th attack in the northern half of the 9th Div zone, being stopped west of Amfreville anti just south 04 Gourbesville by 2400.

In the 4th Div drive, the 39th and 22d Inf Rgts take Quineville Ridge and the town of Quineville, and secure the road to Montebourg, which remains in enemy hands.


15 JUNE ? The drive to cut the Cotentin peninsula continues, with the 82d Div pushing on along the St. Sauveur Ie Vicomte ? Pont l'Abbe road. The 358th Inf disengages and moves out behind the front toward its new position south of le Ham.

Other elements of the 90th Div remain in the attack, in conjunction with the 9th, taking Gourbesville and approaching the key road junction at Orglandes.

Little action is reported on the Montebourg-Quineville front, units there gathering strength for the renewed drive on Cherbourg. Montebourg is under artillery attack.


16 JUNE ? Gen Collins orders a concentrated attack all along the line from Gourbesville to the Douve.

The right flank assault is slow in starting and the actual attack of combined 90th and 9th Div units doesn't get underway until 1715 hours. This is more than offset, however, by the concerted drive of the 82d Div and attached 90th Div units, on the left, which carries to the east bank of the Douve, overlooking St. Sauveur le Vicomte, by noon.

During the afternoon, Gen Ridgway asks and receives VII Corps permission to establish a bridgehead into the town, which the enemy is observed evacuating. By dark, the town has been taken and a perimeter defense 2,000 to 5,000 yards in depth has been established around it.

This effects a change in orders for the 9th Div which is now given the objective of pushing to the Douve immediately. Units of the 60th Inf take Ste. Colombe and make the crossing, pushing on almost into Nehou.

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Guest Darrell
Based on the information supplied, I suspect he could have been anywhere in the area of Ste. Colombe, Renouf, Gourbesville or Orglandes.

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