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A Few "Indian" Medals

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This one arrived from America 1/2 hour ago - a WWI Victory Medal to:


The "." after K-DFDR looks like it was hammerd in with a 6" nail, it's a big ".", & I don't think that I've ever seen a "," on a medal rim before.

I like the tatty old original ribbon.

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I really like that old ribbon too! Just something about it, isn't there.

I would not be worried about the naming. I know I have seen a "," on medal naming, in fact I think not altogether uncommon on some issues but will have to rack my brain to remember where these are encountered. Not too standard for WWI issues though I would agree.

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These "," namings are actually pretty common on the Calcutta-struck and Calcutta-named medals. Can't admit to having seen enough native-named (by natives of the British Isles) specimens to comment on those.

Given the number of medals being named and the rush in which they were being named, you have to sympathise. Part of the reason most dispensed with WWII naming.

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That is a great medal, Leigh... looks very "untampered" and pristine!

Yes. Not at all outside the realm of the imagination (though the ribbok is maha-kinky). Yet, for South Asia, the 'realm of the imagination' needs to be very inclusive.


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The rest of my Indian medals - not a very extensive collection. I bought these two when I was a kid.

These have always been amongst my favourite medals, & I like the design & ribbon:

Waziristan 1919-21 to 210 SEPOY BAGH ALI.1-13 RFLS.

North West Frontier 1930-31 to 6066 SEP.YAQUB KHAN. S.W. SCOUTS.

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A nice childhood pair. You got both types and one very desirable unit (South Waziristan Scouts) though unless some records hide in Pakistan (and I'd not go looking around in Waziristan these days) not much chance of research.

Still, a nice pair!

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The medal on the left I bought at the same time as the two above, -

North West Frontier 1937-39 to 14912 SEP. HABIB KHAN.4-13 F. F .RIF.

The medal on the left I bought a few montha ago:

North West Frontier 1937-39 to 13651 SEP.HARBAKHSH SINGH.2-12 F. F. R.

Although I'd noticed the strange patina on this medal when I got it, it did'nt dawn on me until I got it out to scan that it's been dipped & given a silver coating, the process that I said in another thread that I'd never seen or heard of ..........

Apart from a miniature of the IGSM 36 & a Mutiny Medal clasp "Central India" to a 72nd Highlander & post 1947 IGSM these are the only "Indian" medals I have.

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