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Cuff showing how the NCO tress was added over the top of the pattens.

Hi Dave! Good to see you here...heck, good to see myself here!

A minor point...one which I have been corrected on in the past. It has been pointed out to me that the tress over the top of the litzen "chapels" is regulation and not an indication of an enlisted to NCO upgrade. Tim Curley proved this to me with primary references from the period. Cuff tress entirely above the litzen is only significant in that it is strictly non-reg. I had to eat crow on this one!


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Hey Dave.

On the cabinet top there's a framed photo. Is that of one of the actual former owners of one of the tunics, or is that flavor for that particular exhibit? I think it's the photo to the lower right of the 19th IR Corporal's tunic.

What's the photo in the LW/Polizei room, the one in the watseband of the shako type cap uniform set? Hard to make out. Actually sort of looks like a guy holding a bat (baseball, cricket etc...not the flying kind)?

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