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Two more brothers

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Tell some more about the history. What did your grandfather do in WWII? What was his unit in WWI?

I'd be interested in hearing Chris' regimental number, my great Grandfather served in Africa (Boer War) and he only had a 3 digit number. I can't be sure he had a different number before WWI though as the last one in the family to see his QSA medal was my Mum when she was little.


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Thanks all,

Chris went to South Africa with the Royal Sussex Regiment, the trio is Army Veterinary Corps and as I said the LS is Bechuanaland. It seems from his M.I.C.s (nothing is simple, he's got 3) that he transferred to the AVC in 1905, reserve in 1910 and presumably joined the B. Police then. No indication of when he rejoined the AVC but was discharged in Oct 1915 probably returning to the police.

Grandad started WW1 on HMS Hindustan, then had a little over a year at Vernon and Victory before joining the Lucia for the remainder of the year and also the North Russia withdrawal in 1919

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