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I picked this up at a local show for a steal of a price but I'm unsure of what to call it. I'm told that notable veterans that lived the war, make trips to conventions to do signings for members. What time period would this autograph have been from? Has anyone heard of this specific veteran before? As you can see, this piece also came with a frame, pretty much all ready for me to hang on my wall. :D


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This might be of some assistance...


Oscar Boesch also had a distinguished career with the Luftwaffe. After narrowly avoiding death on his first mission on April 29, 1944, he claimed his first victory on May 8. Wounded several times in his 12 month as an operational flyer, he lost eight FW­190's. His victories included a Spitfire, a Mustang, six B­17s, two B­24s and eight Soviet aircraft.After completing 120 operational sorties, his aircraft collided with a Yak-9 over Berlin, during the last days of the war. He was captured by the Russians after baling out, but escaped and walked 1000km to his native home in Austria.

In 1951, Oscar Boesch emmigrated to Canada with his wife Editha and baby Roland. The Boesch's have had two daughters since then. Oscar still flies at airshows across North America, and has appeared in the IMAX movie, Silent Flight.

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A Jerry Crandall print of one of his FW 190's.


boesch.gifOSCAR BOESCH'S FOCKE-WULF Fw 190 A-8/R8

Image size 15" x 27" overall

Limited edition of 950 s/n prints with 50 Artist's Proofs.

In addition to the artist's signature each print co-autographed by the pilot Oscar Boesch.

The Painting: To combat the heavy bombers, the Fw 190 was modified with bolt-on 5 mm armor plates called "Panzer Platten" on the fuselage sides. Additional 30 mm armored glass panels were added on the canopy and extra glass was added to the windshield quarter-panels. The outboard 20 mm wing guns were replaced by MK 108 30 mm cannons. This combination was the Fw 190 A-8/R8 "Sturmbock" (Ram). In an effort to save some weight, the 13 mm machine guns that were mounted over the engine were often removed.

To protect these heavy fighters, special Gruppen of Bf 109's were assigned to fly top cover while the 190's attacked the bombers.

The camouflage colors of this machine were the standard grays 76, 75 and 74. The distinctive Reich defense bands of black/white/black trimmed with white were selected by Major von Kornatzki to help identify this special unit. White numbers with a thin black outline were used. The rare unit badge shown was only in use for a few weeks and not on all aircraft. They were hand-painted without use of stencils so they were all a little different.

Oscar Boesch did not enter the war until April l944. In an effort to help stop the allied bomber offensive, he volunteered for a new unit being formed by Major von Kornatzki to lead the effort to stop bombers at all costs even if it meant ramming them, Sturm-Staffel |. In May 1944, Sturm-Staffel | became || Staffel with 10 and 13 Stafflen added to form IV./JG 3 "Udet". Oscar Boesch was shot down eight times, four bail outs and four crash-landings. He flew 120 combat missions, on this last mission he rammed a Russian Yak-9 fighter. Boesch's unit suffered 350% losses. He is one of three known survivors.

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That is one great grouping!! :jumping: Do you have any others?

Actually, that goes to my question, where can I find more? This is all I've got. I'd really like more as these are excellent pieces.

Thank you Bob Lyons for your replies full of excellent information. This is exactly what I was looking for. I didn't know one could dig up all that information on one soldier.

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