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Danish General Anders Gjedde Nyholm

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Ok boys,

It's been a while since my last update.. been busy with work (travel) and stuff.....

I have completed the medal bar to the best I can at this point (still need a St. Anne)... and I'm going with my 'gut' feeling that the last order is the RAO 4th class (based upon the picture). Once I can make the final determination (an original picture etc) I can always change it if need be.

I also have a dress belt coming... so now all I'll need is the proper bi-corne hat.

Here is the bar

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And yes... I 'glued' the pin to the back instead of fighting with the needle and thread......

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Very nice to see your project taking shape (and at least the glue makes any - later - assumption that this is his original bar impossible...).

Always good to see the orders in their 'natural surroundings' - even with a Japanese war flag as background :D


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Hey Mike,

Thanks for that !!

The medal bar was... to say the least.. a pain in the A$$ to put together... makes me think very highly of the folks that do this for a living... and 'yes'.. the glue was not an accident that I used it... :)

The last medal still bugs me..... and I'll always be on the lookout for a pic of Nyholm or a medal/order that looks like this with this style ribbon.... Arggggg :banger:

Oh.. and for the Japanese flag.... if I can find a period flag for Nyolm.. I'll be glad to replace it!

Cheers !


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Hello all,

Have some additional pics to update (thanks the Steen Ammentorp)!!

Here is a young Nyholm.... circa 1887

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Ok.. now the best one...... Mike, looks like you were right about the last medal... Arggg.... :)

BUT..... some of the others don't look right now either.....

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Never mind.... those last two pics are of General Erik and not Nyholm.....


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Hello all,

I'm looking for reseach information, awarded orders and pictures of Danish General Anders Gjedde Nyholm.

What I have so far is:

Generall?jtnant Anders Gjedde Nyholm (1861-1939)

1914 - 1918: Commanding Officer Engineer Regiment

1918 - 1926: Commandant of Copenhagen

1921 - 1922: General Officer Commanding 2nd Division

1923 - 1926: Inspector-General of Engineers

1926 - 1931: Commanding General of the General Command

1931: Retired

23/09/1914: Oberst

06/11/1918: Generalmajor

20/10/1926: Generall?jtnant

Any help would be appreciated.




I'm having a rest day today, so I've been reading, in this thread, about my great great grandfather.

That I though was very fun.

I called my grandmother, Ingeborg Ribsskog, from Nevlunghavn in Norway. (She moved to Norway from Copenhagen, right after WWII).

And she's 92 years old, I think, and she couldn't belive, that I'd found her grandfathers uniform, on the internet.

She started going on about that all his uniforms should have been kept by some lady in the family, in Denmark.

Something like that.

So I had to promise her, to print out the page, from the other tread, I think it was, that had the picture of her grandfathers uniform in it.

So I'm going to send her a copy from some of the posts in that thread, when I get my next pay-cheque.


I was wondering, if someone knows about things like this.

I can tell btw., if it maybe could be of interest, that I've read a bit, in a book, maybe ten years ago, that my grandmother showed me, a Danish book, an encyclopedia, I think it must have been.

There it said, that this general, got a bit of critisism, after WWII, since the army, hadn't been given enough founds, in the 30's, by the politicians, in Denmark.

It said that this general, didn't complain enough, to the politicians.

Even if he one year, made his own, alternativ army-budget, and presented it, as the 'generals suggestion'.

Even so, people in Denmark, after WWII, gave this general quite a bit of the blame, for Denmark not being well enough prepared, for the world war.

Even if he retired before the war, so it could be, that my grandmother was really showing me, a page in the encyclopedia, that really was about the chief of the general-command, that succeded Gjedde Nyholm.

That could be I guess.

Just something I remembered now.

I have a question by the way.

If someone here, have the time to answer about this.

On my 34th birthday, in 2004, my grandmother, gave me a silver beer-cup, that has been in the Gjedde-family, since the 1700s.

It had a postcard, with a picture of H?jris on it, a Danish mansion/castle, or something, on Mors, in Jutland.

This cup, has a lion on it, with a crown.

Did all the Danish silver beer-cups, from this time, have a lion on them, with a crown, you think?

Like did the lion symbolise anything, or was it just a decoration, you think?

I'm just wondering, since the Gjedde name, is an old Scanian noble-line, from before Scania was Swedish.

Then it was the Roskilde-peace, where Scania was given to Sweden.

But Ove Gjedde, the forfather, of Anders Gjedde Nyholm, he had to move to Denmark then, even if he had built a grave-monument, in Helsingborg, in Scania.

And Ove Gjedde, was a navy-general, an admiral I guess it's called, but had some problems, and was retired by the Danish king, before the end of one of the Nordic wars, I think it was.

So I was wondering if this could have something to do with Scania or something, the lion.

But I guess I must be wrong.

I'm just a bit curious.

Because, that my mother, who was the great grandchild, of this general, she once put up a poster, around 1976, of a Swedish King, the king thats regning now, on my room.

As a joke I guess, when I was a child.

I'm wondering why she, who was half Danish, would put up a poster of a Swedish king, on my, a Norwegian boys room.

But I've been having a drink now, so that's why I'm writing all this nonsense.

So sorry about this.

My mother, and father and sister, and me.

We lived at Berger?sen, in Norway, untill 1973.

Then my father said, that my mother had complained, about, ?'that there were only working-class people living at Berger?sen'.

And then my mother wanted to move to T?nsberg or Larvik, in Norway, my father said on the phone, last week.

I wonder if my mother could have been followed by some mafia, or something.

Since she wanted to move, and sometimes acted strange.

I wonder if the old Norse nobility, are being followed, in some way.

Since also this general, Anders Gjedde Nyholm, was the subject of 'jantelov' that's 'the law of Jante', my grandmother said.

That people didn't like him, since he was good at everything, my grandmother said, and he was being bullied due to this, like I understood it, or maybe rather, he was being mobed.

So I've heard myself, in Oslo, in 2003, that I'm being followed, by 'the mafia'.

And there was a murder-atempt, on my, on my uncles farm, in Larvik, in 2005.

I'm now living in Liverpool, since then.

But it also seems that my fathers family, has been trying to set me up, in many ways, in some mafia or mob-plots, through the years, during my upbringing etc.

So I was wondering a bit, if there could be someone that has an agenda against this generals family-line, that's the Gjedde-family, that I'm thinking about.

So I thought that I could maybe write about it here.

Also, this general, invited the Danish King then, to his birthday, but the King, sent a card, in an envelople, explaining, that he couldn't attend.

I have this card in a storage in Oslo, together with my things from the Norwegian Home-defence etc., since I'm a soldier there.

But I'm having problems getting my rights, from the Government.

That's the Police etc., in regards to that I've overheard that I'm being followed by 'the mafia', and that I was tryed to get killed, in Norway, in 2005.

So I'm a bit worried, that mafia-organisations have a bit much control in Norway, or what the reason could be, that the Government, don't seem to be willing, to give me my rights.

I think this is very strange, so I thought I could maybe write about it here, since it's a thread about my forfather, and then maybe it's ok to write about my familiy etc., in it.

Also, my uncle, Martin Ribsskog, who's the great grandson, of Anders Gjedde Nyholm, seems to be under control, by criminals, in Kvelde, in Larvik, in Norway.

I have a C/O-address with him, in Norway.

And someone, I heard from the Norwegian tax-government, this week, has been filing my tax-return forms, on behalf of me, without my approval, while I've been living and working in Britain, since 2005.

I've been paying tax to the UK, and have concentrated on trying to get my rights, from the Norwegian Police, and haven't had time to look that much, on the Norwegian tax-returns.

Since I thought it would be enough to pay tax to one country, at a time, like I told the Norwegian tax-autorothies.

But someone has put on them, the Norwegian tax-return form, from 2006, that I've been recieving benefits, in Norway, for NOK 111.000. That's around ?11.000.

Which I haven't at all.

I was working for Arvato/Microsoft that year.

And there the employers where being treated like slaves, or tamed like animals, with the use of 'reinforcement', as a management-method etc.

And a young Swedish girl there, suddently dissapeared from work, and seemed to be under control by some mob.

Here is a link to the case I have against Arvato/Microsoft:


I've been trying to get control, since I've overheard these things about, that I've been followed by 'the mafia', etc., so that's one of the reasons to why I started that case, even if the problems are serious enough in themselves.

It's the same reason for this, that I'm writing this post, that I'm trying to get some type of control, since I'm being bullied by the Norwegian and British Governments, I think I must say.

So I hope it's ok, that I'm writing an update about my great great grandfather here, and also our family, and also about myself, even I understand, that this a bit on the side of, what this thread really should be about.

But if someone have some comments on the cup, that I got, from my grandmother, in 2004, and which has been in the Gjedde-family, or about some of the other things I write about in this post, then thanks in advance for help regarding this.

Thanks again!


Erik Ribsskog

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