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Civilian Long Service Medals & Orders

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I just received Vladimir Lapin's 2003 "Nagradniye Znaki Zheleznodorozhnovo Transporta" ("Haгрaдныe Знaки Жeлeзнoдoрoжнoгo Tрaнcпoртa") showing railways badges and he cites two Ukase concerning bestowals of medals and Orders on railways personnel that are new information to me. Whether these awards extended to other State services (they did not, to civil police at any event) I don't know.

Ukaz of 20 January 1947 authorized

Medal for Distinguished Labor = for 10 years service

Medal for Valiant Labor = for 15 years service

Order of the Badge of Honor = for 20 years service


Order of the Red Banner of Labor = for 25 years service

but this was supreceded by another Ukaz of 28 July 1949

which kept the medals the same but changed Orders to the following

Order of the Red Banner of Labor = now for 20 years service


Order of Lenin - now for 25 years service (just as in the military from 1944-57)

The regulations state that for anyone who had not previously received a decoration for long service, they were to only receive the ONE they were immediately entitled to and then subsequent awards. So somebody with 20 years service got the contemporary 20 years award, and not retroactive 15 and 10 as well for a "triple."

What the regulations were before 1947, or how long the 1949 decree remained in effect, I do not know.

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