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Stepan Konstantinovich Yatsevich

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Yup. :cheers:

Highest/latest numbered one I've ever seen, too. THAT would be a VERY interesting research project-- late for a WW2 war invalid, or for :unsure: Korea? :jumping:

Wondered about that, Rick . . . a really late numbered (and high-numbered) award. Off to the researcher with this one!

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Hi guys,

so the research ant translation is ready.

Sadly, it is not for Korea. It for action in 1944.

Enjoy it.

I?ll post the documents later.



ORDER No 05/ N

To 737th rifle regiment, 206th rifle division

February 08, 1944 1st Ukrainian Front




14. Shell bearer of the 3rd mortar company, Red Army man Yatsevich Stepan Konstantinovich for his actions in the battle for Malye Pritsky village on January 30, 1944 when he under the enemy?s fire provided a continuous provision of his mortar with shells and in spite of wound did not leave the battlefield. Only when the enemy?s counter-attack was repulsed, he went to the medical unit.


1909 year of birth, Ukrainian, non-party, drafted by Rzhischevsky district military commissariat.

Home address: V.-Pritski village, Rzhischevsky district, Kiev region.

Commander of ?? rifle regiment

?? (signed) /Belyaev/

Commander of regiment staff

Captain (signed) /Nirzoyants/

Typed in 4 copies

1st -3rd copies to 206th Division Staff

4th copy - to the file

Executed by Lieutenant of executive service Murzakov

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Award Card

1. Last name: Yatsevich

2. First, middle names: Stepan Konstantinovich

3. Military rank: Private

4. Sex: Male

5. Year of birth: 1909

6. Place of birth: Yaropovichi village, Andrushevsky district, Zhitomir region

7. Party membership since: non-party

8. Education: uneducated

9. Nationality: Ukrainian

10. In the Red Army since: January 1944 - November 1945

11. Place of service (name of the unit) and position occupied when awarded: 737th rifle regiment, 206th rifle division.

Shell bearer.

12. Current place of service and position: V.-Pritski village, Rzhischevsky district, Kiev region, collective farmer

13. Home address of the awardee: V.-Pritski village, Rzhischevsky district, Kiev region

14. Record of previous awards

Names of orders, medals Their numbers Document numbers Ground for award


For Courage medal 3.439.971 ?? No 99450 of July 09, 1951 Order to 737th rifle regiment No 06/N of February 08, 1944

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Hi Andreas,

I took the liberty of moving the thread to the researched awards forum.

Well done on this one! Goes to keep showing the great stories behind these otherwise 'humble' medals.

Jim :cheers:

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Some more information:

Gliederung 27. Armee: Januar ? Mai 1944

47. Rifle Corps with 38., 136., 180. Rifle Division

206. Rifle Division

309. Rifle Division

337. Rifle Division

206. Rifle Division:

- 722. Rifle Regiment

- 737. Rifle Regiment

- 748. Rifle Regiment

- 661. Artillery Regiment

Organisation Rifle Regiment 1944

3x Rifle Bataillions each

- 3x Rifle Company

- 1x Mortar Company (6x 82mm Mortar)

Here is a picture:

Edited by Alfred
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