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Here's a Godet advertisement from the back of the 1908/09 Deutscher Ordens-Almanach, showing the firm's name at that point in time, and their address. Notice that while they can and will provide any desired decorations foreign or domestic, when mounting 'em up, they deal only with their own products!


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Nice add and nice clear logo at the top that is not often seen. I would be surprised if they made every single (outside of Prussia) order and decoration. You're talking about a massive expense in tooling, etc. to make (as an example) W?rttemburg Order of The Crown.... for how many pieces they might sell? Dollars to donuts they bought from other "house jewelers"

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Sidebar to Rick's translation:

"Eigene vs. eignen."

?Funf Mark die Woche musst du sparren;

Willst du im eignen Wagen fahren.?

An article (American Heritage history series) enthusiastically quoted this KdF blurb as an ?insight? into the state of the German economy of the mid-30?s.

It translated the blurb as ?If you ever want to own a car, you?ll need to save?? the point being that a German having an automobile was something relatively rare in that day.

But what it really says is ?If you ever want to own a suitable car??

...which is another thing entirely.

tsk tsk. Gotta watch those translations! Moving ONE letter makes all the difference...

Did I call this correctly? I wrote a letter to the editor, which went unanswered.

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Guest Brian von Etzel

They slept with their caps on, now that's of historical note! All you need is THE Schlafsack and you could pop up fully outfitted for battle! rolleyes.gif

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"eignen" wagen could be your "own" car. I think I saw that blurb in an early advertisement for the Volkswagen. "you have to save five marks a week, if you want to drive your own car". Regards, Chris B.

Edited by Chris B.
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