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Hello Gents,

Bought a bundle of Third Reich tinnies / Badges last weekend. I've managed to identify 14 pieces, but the four pieces in the photo have defeated me. The top two in the picture are metal with pin and clasp, left one has H2, the right one has H9 on their backs. The bottom left is yellow plastic / bakalite with a gold coloured coating complete with pin & clasp . The script on back - "obermullern K R. Weissenfels golderateat - um 600 thuringisch". The bottom right metal has the police eagle on it on the back & G1. Any information anyone may have would be welcome.


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The top two are for Wehrmacht day celebrations the bottom is for police day celebrations and the round plastic pin is one in a set of 10 pins sold by the WHW to show the use of the swastika as historical decoration.

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Hello J. Noble,

Thanks for the information, much appreciated - the police day celebrations does faintly have the year date 1942. Hope you don't think I'm cheeky, but you wouldn't happen to know which year dates fit the the two Wehrmacht day badges, it doesn't matter if you don't. Again many thanks for the help.




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