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4 year dienstauszeichnungen question

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I have a question about the Wehrmacht 4 year servicemedals with the blue ribbons. Were these issued during the war? In other words, if you were drafted or joined up in October 1939, could you expect to get a 4 year medal in Oct. 1943? Just curious. Regards, Chris.

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Only career contract enlistees (officers and men) received these, never draftees. Awards were suspended for the duration in September 1939 (why, who knows, since the paperwork should have been a snap to figure out), and with the delayed processing of awards pending then-- made into early 1940, awards ceased.

Occasionally summer of 1945 paperwork can be found listing such awards, counting post-September 1939 service, but those were not "legal," any more than EKs etc awarded by Oberleutnants to their men in POW camp.

Prussia and the Imperial German navy had likewise suspended their long service awards for the duration during the FIRST World War, so while illogical, there was at least a "tradition" of halting these during wartime.

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Thanks again for the info. I had a picture of my uncle who was at the second battle of Narva. He had the EK2, Ostmed. and Rumanian Med. but no 4 year ribbon on his ribbon bar even though he had more than four years in by then. That explains it. Regards, Chris B.

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