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I posted this one in the Luftwaffe awards section a short while ago, and just noticed this pinned

thread, so I figured that I had better post my example here too, this one was awarded to Oberfeldwelbel

Otto Wuerfel of JG 51,

Finding out some information on him is a bit difficult as it is a late war group, but this is what I know about him so far,

Born 3 December 1920 in Uelzen/Niedersachsen, was posted missing from 23 Feb 1944 around Rogatschew in Russia,

and died on the 22nd December 1944. His rank at that time was an Oberfeldwebel.

Posted in to 9./JG 51 mid 1942 as an Unteroffizier, mid 1943 he had around 9 victories, was involved in many dive bombing


Posted for a short period of time to Erg. Gr. Ost as an instructor (training pilot is what is written). so ??? he could have been

under training perhaps.

Within 5 months of returning to 9./JG 51 he had 70 victories to his credit, on the 21 Feb 1944 he shot down 6 enemy

aircraft, and was transferred to 8./JG 51.

On the 23rd Feb, 1944 he collided in mid air with his wingman Ofw Dittlmann, northwest of Rogatschew. Both aircraft came

down, Dittlmann was killed in the crash, Wuerfel was captured and interned in camp 280/5 in the area of Stalino. He

died in captivity of Typhus.

Promoted to Leutnant posthumously, and his final victory tally was 79 victories.

RK awarded 4 May 1944.

DKiG awarded February 1944.

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I must apologize for the lack of some detail, my camera can't get real close so these will have to do for now,

the cross is a standard S & L, with the small 800 and also marked 800 on the suspension loop too.

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The documents have been seperated from the group, this is how it looked when it first surfaced,

I never saw the pilots badge but apparently that was added, and it was later seperated from the group

as it was never the one worn by Wuerfel, but the rest is all his stuff, I also have the DKiG from him too,

this is a Deschler made piece, and photos are in the Luftwaffe awards gallery.

(the documents are still in Australia, so maybe I stand a chance of getting them.).

Best wishes


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Some mints!


A sold called A-type, flawless S&L, and a Juncker 'Lazy-2'.

Is there not ploblems to have the crosses inside a plastic bag? I read that it is really bad for them.



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Here's a newcomer to my collection, a 57 version of the RK from Otto Schickle.

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