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Imperial Russian Orders for sale!

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8 hours ago, Gunner 1 said:

This has been going on for some time. In 1979 I spoke at an international symposium in Warsaw and later visited a shop where around 30 women were hand painting copies of Russian and Polish orders and regimental insignia. I was told that they were for the collector market.

This problem has been around for a long time, alas.

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I buy these and other nation's replica orders and medals to fill loops on the recreated uniforms I have. My hobby is recreating museum quality replicas of uniforms and movie and TV costumes. This is not a cheap hobby. Even well made replicas require sometimes years finding the correct cloth, tailoring, insignia, buttons (Lots of stories of how hard to find these...let me know ify you have spare British field marshal buttons, won't you?) and MEDALS AND ORDERS.  The difficulty of finding, not to say the cost of these would plague Bill Gates.  Replicas are a convenient and reasonable cost alternative to empty loops.


I don't view it as a 'problem' since even the better-made replicas are distinguishable from the real thing. All the copies I have were sold as copies. I understand the issue of fakes sold as real but becoming knowledgeable about these is part of the pursuit. 

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