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I have noticed a lot of knowledgable wound badge collectors here and wanted to get an opinion on this black wound badge.I have taken pictures as detailed as I can get them trying to show the hinge,clasp,(pin is missing)and what is left of the makers mark.It is just under the swaz and all I can tell is the last number is a 7,there is a number in front of it and would almost have to be a 2,3,8,9,or zero.

Any help is much appreciated,

Jim P

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If you are a member at MCF you may have.There was some discussion over possibly being a 107,but didn't know if they made hollow backs.After seeing the 107 hollow back here,I'm sure its not a 107.


Jim P

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Hi Jim,

Interesting WB you got there. love.gif

Just to make things more confusing, are you

Sure on the 7? Is it possible that it is a 3 (old style)?

Maybe it is a 93, they have some different pin setups.

My 93?s have the new style of 3 (round).. And ball hinge.

I have not seen that kind of hinge you got on you?re

Badge before on type 2 1939 WB, only on EKI 1939,


I have two different makers ending on a 7, (black wb) 107 and 67

And I have L57 (no /) in my files.

I will do some more research and see what I can find.

Any chance for more detail pictures front and back.

Best Regards, cheers.gif


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