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The Military Musician's Peaked Cap

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I was sure that I had done an indepth article, on the forum, showing the differences between modern army officers caps and those from the Communist era but I don't find it listed. I was going to post these pictures to that thread but since I can not find it I'll start a new thread.

Yesterday I bought a cap from a militaria store in Budapest and the vendor said it was a police cap because it had a police cap badge. I knew that it wasn't and was interested in the cap anyway as it was a Kadar period musician officers cap. The pictures that follow show a comparison between a pre 1989 cap and a post 1989 cap. The older cap is mis-shapen from poor storage but still good to illustrate for my purposes. The two caps are very similar in design with identically shaped sweat shields, cap cords and basic overall shape. The older cap has a slightly lighter colour and the gold chin cord has turned dark with age. The older caps were also slightly shorter from th surface the peak rests on to the top of the crown.

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Here is a view of the backs of both cap badges. The prongs on the army cap badges fit the premade holes exactly. To get the police cap badge to go on the hat one prong had to be broken away from where it was soldered to the cap badge to make the distance between the two prongs smaller.

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