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Since the prices for Soviet Orders and Medals appears to be on the rise a little bit :rolleyes:

... I have shifted focus to researching some of my Orders that have been sitting around a while.

Recently, I received a batch of research, and the photo of a female in the service record of one Order (Red Star) immediately caught my eye... here is the translation for the Order:


Order of the Red Star #90.558

1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Alexandra Nikolaevna Ovsyannikov

2. Rank: Doctor, 3d Class

3. Duty position: 12 Independent Medical Battalion, 10 Guards Rifle Division

Application for the Order of the Red Star

4. Birthyear: 1908

5. Nationality: Russian

6. Party membership: n/a

7. Participation in combat: Patriotic War since 22.6.41

8. Wounds or contusions: n/a

9. Time in the Red Army: since 22 June 1941

10. Inducted by: Monchegorsk Regional Military Commissariat

11. Earlier awards: n/a

12. Home of record: Leningrad, Peter Alekseev St. Bldg 3, Apt. 5

Short description of personal combat feat or service

Having acquired experience in the military field surgical specialty since 5.6.41, Doctor 3rd Class Alexandra Nikolaevna Ovsyannikova, has assumed the duties of doctor-orderly in the operational-bandaging platoon. After being in the battalion for only a short time, due to her persistence and burning desire has acquired the skills for wound treatment, learned to conduct (missing) with the pneumatic device, and to correctly diagnose (missing) wounds, and correctly conduct (missing). Additionally, she has assumed the duties of (missing) assistance to the otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat).

As a result of the Guard Division?s combat operations (APR-MAY ?42) when there were large numbers of wounded, Comrade Ovsyannikova worked ceaselessly without stepping away from the operating table and personally rendered quality assistance to a great number of wounded.

She applies her great love and persistence to assisting the wounded and ill, and this young doctor has served as an example to others through her work.

Co-signed Battalion Commander, Doctor 2nd Class Pa(?) and Military Commissar, Battalion Commissar

2. Reverse of Personnel Record

14. Time and place of mobilization: 01.07.41 - Monchegorsk Regional Mobilization Section (remainder largely illegible) Something about entering MVD service in 15.3.53.

15. Armed Forces Service

Duty Place Date

Chief of 4th Section Evac-Hospital #144, 14 Army, Karelian Front 7.1941

Doctor-Orderly Bandaging Platoon, 12 Indep. Medical Battalion, 11.1941

10 Guards Rifle Battalion, 14 Army, Karelian Front

Reserves Leningrad Front 12.1941

Chief of Orphanage (Unknown Abbreviation) MVD, Leningrad Oblast 11.1947

Released into the Reserves 15.3.1953

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I agree with Kevin! This is a fantastic research results. Can you post some images of her grouping? Was there a xerox of her photo on one of the papers?

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Yup, post up scans of the paperwork you can't read.

Rather sad to think this 33 year old (in 1941) Junior Lieutenant female doctor went on to caring (that might need quotation marks) for war and purge orphans for long years after the war. ;( She had a hard life.

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OK...my apologies that I am still trying to figure out my wife's new scanner, while getting file sizes down to the min. requirements to meet this site. I will have to post pics of the Order after I get back from my current travels... Dan

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Rather sad to think this 33 year old (in 1941) Junior Lieutenant female doctor went on to caring (that might need quotation marks) for war and purge orphans for long years after the war.

Excellent story, thanks. It's a very lucky event to find an early Red Star to a woman. However, she was in a rank of Major, not Jr. Lieutenant. For Jr. Lieutenant it would be "voyenfeldsher 3rd class" (военфельдшер 3-го ранга).

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