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Bulgarian binocs?

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Hi all,

I'm on a working vacation down in north Florida. Was just up in Alabama poking around and found some binocs at a surplus store just outside of Enterprise Alabama. I'm hoping someone could confirm but I'm fairly sure they're Bulgarian.

I found these pics on the web which are pretty much what I saw. Can anyone tell me if they are Bulgarian as opposed to Soviet? All the writing on them and the instruction manual, etc., are all in cyrillic.

The lady I spoke with said she could sell them for $60 but after we chatted a bit she volunteered that she'd check with the owner and see if perhaps they could do better.

As much as I'd love a set of Soviet binocs with the star/hammer/sickle on them if these are Bulgarian I figured if I could get them for a really good price it couldn't hurt as I do collect Bulgarian items as well.

They all seemed very complete with case, accessories, manual, etc., and they had five or six of them if I remember correctly.

So if anyone could help me nail down if these are indeed Bulgarian I'd deeply appreciate the help.

Many thanks, :beer:

Dan :cheers:

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