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U-Boat Badge Award Docs for U-Boat Commanders

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Thanks for posting your amazing docs! Just wonderful to see.

Here is an early U-Boat document awarded posthumously to Kplt. Wilhelm Fr?hlich of U-36. Fr?hlich died when U-36 went down on December 16, 1939, one of the first U-Boats sunk in the war.

Fr?hlich is immortalized in Georg H?gel's "U-Boat Emblems of World War II 1939-1945" on pages 42-43 as informing the Captain of S/S Turo (Capt. J. E. Egner) "Good day Captain, I am sorry but war is war and I am going to sink your ship. Why did you run away from me?" After requiring Egner to sign a paper promising that Egner "would not go on board a British Man O' War or merchant vessel until after the war" and sending an SOS with the lifeboats' position, Fr?hlich asked Egner if there was anything else he needed. Egner replied that he needed water, to which Fr?hlich replied "No, the water on my ship is bad, but I will give you beer." Egner received "24 bottles of beer and a bucket for baling out the boat."

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