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Unknown - Medal not a medal -

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Hi All,

I have this in my collection, I think it was brought back to the UK at the end of WW2, but it relates to WW1.

Its black and has a side view of a man with the inscription Adolf Furst then Zu Schaumburg Lippe, then on the reverse a naked man on horse back with 1917 and some words.

Any ideas of what this was awarded for?

Many thanks



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I can only tell you what I think is written at the back: "Heimatdank f?r Schaumburg-Lippe".

edit: "Heimatdank" is often written above memorials and means more or less "on behalf of a grateful country". "Heimatdank" also were societies caring for the war crippled. And last not least: war funds were raised by selling so called "Heimatdankpostkarten". My guess would be this is a medal commemorating the fallen soldiers of Schaumburg-Lippe or one used to raise money. But this is only a guess.

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