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Cap Badge of the AVH

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Here is a nice little ditty that I picked up recently - too bd the prong is missing from the back. This is a small cap badge meant to be worn on the overseas type cap - which would date it from 1950/51 to 1956. What separated the AVH (secret police) from the regular police is that the AVH used a cap badge without crossed rifles below the massive star

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Odd that they chose a "less lethal" design. :speechless1::beer:

I'm not sure - but I think it was a simple way of showing that they were a part of the 'police', but at the same time 'interested in "your" security from fascist forces and capitalist imperials.' While the police wore a dark blue uniform the AVH wore the same 'camp brown' color, cut and fit of the Hungarian Military. :unsure:

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