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Hi Jason,

Seems to be an honest ribbon bar (probably Marine, only Rick can say that) . It is possible to have a close up of the Spange "vor dem Feinde" please. The letter "V" seems to be not in good condition.



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Hi Christophe, this is the best I can do with the pics I was able to take...you are right, there is slight distortion to the left side of the "V", almost like the lettering has been squashed slightly....



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Congratulations! I have his ribbon bar from the month before the Great War started:

and no he didn't wear these foreign ones afterwards. Not in his photo as an Admiral, where the "VdF" bar on his full medal bar is confirmed.

Won't mention his name aloud yet (PM you) in case it is worth it to you to drive 3 days through the desert (? :P ) both ways to GET it.

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No-- that style came in at the same time the 15mm width ribbons did-- around 1915/16. The early ones were field gray painted steel, and can still be found as unused old stock into WW2-- especially long bars that the outfitters never used until then. But the shiny nickled ones were around from the 1920s on-- they start showing up in groups before the Hindenburg Cross.

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