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U-Boot ace's paint, who is the artist ?

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Bonsoir Michel,

Below I have gathered some information about the german painter Fritz Reusing:

Fritz Reusing (1874-1956), was a painter in the D?sseldorf area, his portraits of Kaiser Wilhelm I and II as well as Friedrich III are in the Cityhall in M?lheim - Germany.

Other portraits know:

- 1915: Generaloberst Alexander von Kluck - A big portrait (134 x 134 cm // 52.75 x 52.75 in) of Generaloberst Alexander von Kluck in uniform. This painting was sold by Hermann Historica (May 2006 - auction 50 - Lot. 6673).

- 1917: Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron.

- 1934: Richard Strauss.

- 1938: Adolf Hitler (showed in this thread), this painting was exposed in the meeting room of an official building in D?sseldorf untill the end of the war.

Reusing works were regularly exposed during the D?sseldorf Art Exhibitions in 1925, 1935, 1941 & 1942 and were also exposed in M?nchen GDK.1942.

GDK = Grosse Deutsche Kunstaustellung Im Haus der Deutschen Kunst zu M?nchen.

(Great German Art Exhibition in the House of German Art in Munich)

863 - Fra?lein Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach (Aquarelle)

864 - Dame in Schleier (Kohlezeichnung // charcoal)


Hope it helps,

Happy collecting,




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