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Unknown Medal on 1957-bar

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To me, it has a japanese look to it!

The loop etc, the design, I think it's one of the japanese medals, I can't look for it right now, but I hope to have give you an idea where you will have to look.

Kind regards,


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In the meantime i habe been told that this medal comes from pakistan and is called Medal of the great Leader (Tamgha-i-Quaid-i-Azam)

Type 1 from 1957-1975, gilded bronce

The frontside reads :Iman, Ittahad, Nazam = Faith-Unity-Discipline

unfortunately i found no pic on the web.

Ed Haynes can you confirm this ID ??


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Thanks to the person who sent the PM suggesting I look here. Normally I'd pass on the great quantity of German stuff that floats up.

Yes, this seems to be the Pakistani Tamgha-i-Quaid-i-Azam / Medal of the Great Leader, the lowest medal connected to the order of the same name. It is either type one or type two, though the changes in this order are very confusing and sources are sparse (and about to get worse, it seems). Whichever variety, the ribbon seems wrong, but it is clearly for the pre-1986 style of the order.

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I'd guess embassy/attache stuff.

But that is merely a guess.

Sorry, i wrrite about things that aren't in my possesion but i want to show the only picture that exist from this men with connection to pakistan.

it was shown in the SDA yesterday.

maybe it helps to come to a solution


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