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For fun, and to help us get to know each other's taste in tinnies (ok we already know Claymore's 1st love :love::lol: )... your top 10 desires from Tieste's 1st volume "A" listing. I only have the 4th edition, but I assume he has kept the same numbering, so I might miss out on some badges (wants) from the 5th edition, but most of us will get a grasp of what's what.

Could I suggest the 10 be kept in order as in the book, to save readers having to jump back and forth.

I hope that who knows, we can help each other find an "always wanted", or at least post a pic of one.

looking forward to reading some replies. So to my TOP TEN "A"s.


1. Aachen 34-01.

I have a lot of HJ tinnies, but not this one, love the design, and looks like a big badge.

2.Achim 35-01.

Nice design, just like the eagles atop badges like this.

3.Aibling,Bad 33-01.

Eagle as above, looks like a great badge, would love to see a good pic of one.

4.Aichach 34-01.

Right next door to the one above in Vol4, another HJ that looks the business, love tinnies with some enamel like this one.

5.Annaberg 33-02.

Well again another HJ I don't have and would love to obtain, just a great design.

6.Arbeitsgau 34-01.

Looks like it would be a great display item.. love big badges.

7.Arnsberg 35-01.

Love badges featuring Erwache standards, don't have it..want it.

8.Aue 33-02.

Great looking design, would love to see one in hand.

9.Aue 33-03.

Speaks for it's self.. I want it!

10.Aue 38-01.

Again, looks like it would be a great badge in the hand.

Well that's mine, hope to see others. For age's one of my biggest wants of all Alfeld 37-01, the huge leather Deer one.. got it last year, before I moved down under.. did not disappoint. :cheers:


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...it's fair to say that I have a one track mind :P

...my wish-list is taken from both books, and only consists of thirteen 'wants'....as for SA tinnies in general...I'm happy enough to bumble along picking up what I can find...my only criteria is that the tinnie I buy must always be in the best possible condition...i.e, no rust, no damage, and with original needle still attached....I don't mind if a small part of the original finish has worn down a bit, as this sometimes helps to highlight the fine artwork of the tinnie...

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What are the 13 tinnies you are after?

Your SA collection is great, I love far too many of the other designs to specialize in just one theme though.. but I suppose it gives a proper focus to concentrate on one theme, mine are all over the place (as is proven in the list above :speechless: ).


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