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Somebody have Roll of Foreign Awards for Jutland Battle ?

NOTHING ? :banger:

If CdG - for Jutland ,

SGT. H.C. BARLOW recive 3 ! awards for Battle

MiD, Russian "For Bravery" Medal and Croix de Guerre !!!

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:Cat-Scratch: I was interested to see from the "Canada" scans that per the Admiralty order cited (can anyone get a copy of its text?) it appears as if each ship was simply assigned "X" number of Russian awards to be handed out in the typical British "quota" system whereby somebody deserving got nothing at all because somebody else got something-- all arbitrary numbers and not real men!!!!

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Hi Guys,

I've seen a book on ebay with the medal roll of the medals given by the russian provisional government to British soldiers? I forgot to write down the exact name, can someone give me the title of the book. Or better even tell me where I can find one?



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Tom Donovan Publishing LTD, London , 1991



IN RUSSIA 1918-1920

Collated by Ray Brough

Thanks for the quick reply Igor :beer:

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Russian st. George "For Bravery" medal 4th class & Croix de Guerre .

CdG for Jutland too ?

Somebody have Roll of Awards for Jutland Battle ?

Help me please ! :beer:

London Gazette 15 sept. 1916

Legion d?Honour

Grand Croix - 1

Grand Officier - 3

Croix de Commandeur - 6

Croix d?Officier - 24

Croix de Chevalier - 50

Medaille Militaire - 100

LG 30 nov. 1917

Croix de Guerre 64

Well !

Three awards for one Jutland Battle !? l

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Badges :speechless:

(Serjant ? )

The badges are from the top left; Overseas service chevrons (upside down). Chevrons of two colours were approved. The first chevron if earned on or before 31st December 1914, will be red; if earned on or after 1st January 1915, it will be blue; and all additional chevrons after the first will be blue. Each indicated 6 months service.

Gunlayer First Class (which is upside down here).

Good Conduct chevrons, each stripe indicating 4 years, so a total of 12 years of "undetected crime" i.e. he was never charge under military law for any minor or major infraction.



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THANK YOU !!! :jumping:

Now it's right ?

May be you know something about this badge from Barlow lot ?

Yes, now its right. The overseas chevrons were worn on the right hand sleeve just above the cuff. The Gunlayers badge was worn on the right upper arm. The good conduct stripes were worn on the left upper arm along with a rank badge, if any, i.e. Leading Seaman or above.

See this thread for more on RN/RAN badges:


Sorry Igor, the enamel badge, it doesn't ring any bells.



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Awards of Sto. P.O. Henry Ernest Woodland , O.N. 297947 (Po.)

from HMS Onslow

Comanded for services in the Battle of Jutland (LG 29 Dec. 1916),

Russian st. George cross from H.M. Russian Imperator for Jutland (Admiralty Order # 24912 - 30.05.1918),

MID for services in action with enemy submarines (LG 13 Sept. 1918),

Romanian Distinguished Conduct medal First Class from H.M. King of Roumania

"for distinguished services rendered during the war" (LG 14 Mar. 1919)

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I may be wrong, but the suspension on the Romanian medal appears to be of a later type (at least in my limited experience). I thought that WW1 suspensions were more of the barrel type as shown in the attachment, although frankly, I have only seen these in the 2nd and 3rd class examples.

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Hi - Sydney Ixer is a distant relative of mine, so thanks Igor for the above information about him and his medals. I have also come across National Archives reference ADM 337/121/328 for his service record: Second Lt. S H H Ixer: full name: Sydney Henry Howard Ixer. Via the Ancestry website, I have found that he died aged 34 at the Royal Naval Hospital at Haslar, Gosport, Hampshire on 20 August 1918, though I do not know the cause of death. Regards, Shane Hines

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