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Medalja Uspomena na Put u Indiju i Birmu 1954-55

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I was, last night, looking through back issues of the [OMSA and came across a nice article in the November 1982 issue by Janez Svajncer, "The Yugoslavian Commemorative Medal for the Voyage to India and Burma".

Has anyone succeeded to capturing one of these lovelies?

(Does anyone have -- for obvious "crossover" reasons -- a spare one of these that I might "adopt"?)

(There was also in this issue an interesting book review by some guy named "R. J. Lundstr?m". This issue was truly "back in the day".)


I saw this medal 3 years ago on an auction. The price was 100? at that time...which means, today you'll have to pay at least 150?! :D




1 from 1200 ;)


Here it is, at last in my collection :jumping:

"Spomen medalja na put u Indiju i Burmu" 1954-55.

Sorry for bad pictures:


From the same time and the same event. ;)

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Anatoly, there is not much I can do. I messed all the thread. :(

I just wanted to say that if you wanted to make a seperate post with your pictures I could update the first post, but I guess it doesn't matter at all. :unsure:

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